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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday: History {Link Up}

I am so excited for another link up for Wanderlust Wednesday hosted by the wonderful Casey from True Colours. If you missed my last link up when I talked about The Isle of Skye just click here

True Colours

So for this month's theme I was thinking of going back to England and sharing the Canterbury Cathedral with you guys. I mean something that has, in some way or another, been around since 410 AD just screams history. I loved seeing all the old cathedrals and chapels that were all throughout the U.K., and Canterbury was among one of my favorite ones. {Plus, they let you take pictures on the inside, so the post could be a little more fun.} 

Canterbury is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and I am so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to visit the place that inspired The Canterbury Tales. This was one of the first places I visited while on my study abroad to England back in 2009. 

{There are over 800 coat of arms on display including: Pope John Paul the 2nd and Prince Charles}

{Death Masks were also very popular back in the day, and there are tons in the cathedral.} 

{These pictures do not give the stained glass justice. It was all so beautiful. I wish I had better pictures. Some of this stained glass is from the 1200s.}

{This candle always burns for Thomas Becket. It was this death that lead to the pilgrimage to Canterbury to be so popular, and lead to the Chaucer's work.} 

 {The Quire- when we were there, we were lucky enough to sit in on a service.} 

 {The Quire- This is used for everyday service and is over 800 years old.} 

 {This is a mural that was found in the crypt of the cathedral. It is one of the oldest things in Canterbury. During reconstruction, the workers found this underneath a wall that had been covering it for years. This was left untouched by the different invasions that came through Canterbury.} 

{The Cloisters} 

{This is one of the ceilings in the cathedral. The cross in the middle is over 6 feet in length.} 

Canterbury Cathedral should be on everyone's bucket list. Seriously, I am looking at these pictures and thinking it is so much better in person! The detail in literally every aspect of the cathedral is amazing. As you walk around you can see the different transitions the cathedral has gone through, and it's just full of history. 

If it looks like you won't be able to visit the cathedral anytime soon just visit the Canterbury Cathedral website and you can go on a virtual tour! 

So what do you think? Worth a trip? 


  1. Definitely worth a trip! Hope to go some day!

    1. I hope you do as well! The cathedral was great, but the whole town of Canterbury was awesome.

  2. I definitely hope to make it here some day! Such a beautiful cathedral and I actually loved the Canterbury Tales. One of the few things I had to read in high school that I actually enjoyed

    1. Jenn- I hope you do. I know I read the book when I was in high school, but I can't remember it at all. Maybe I need to read it again.

  3. Amazing cathedral and architecture! And perfect for this month's topic History!!! Thanks for linking up :)

  4. I knew immediately that this was Canterbury as I have been researching it as a place to move to ...
    Gorgeous photos...
    Have a great weekend,


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