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Monday, September 2, 2013

To Travel or Not To Travel

What makes a person want to travel? 

This question has been on my mind the last few months, and I wanted to talk about it. When Matt and I told our friends and family we were moving to South Korea we got very mixed reviews. Some were really happy and excited for us, and others were completely baffled at why we would want to move halfway across the world to live. 

It was within these conversations that I realized there are two types of people: 
1. Those who love to travel and can't get enough of it 
2. Those who could live without traveling 


So, which one is right? Are people that travel and live around the world better than those that choose to stay in their hometowns? 

No, I really don't think so. We are all unique, and being unique means that we all get to choose what is going to make us happy. 

For me that means to see as much of the world as possible. For others that is to buy a four bedroom home in the suburbs. Neither of these options are wrong- it is up to us what makes us happy. 

What is most important is that we don't judge others based on their decisions. Sometimes it is hard to accept that some people don't care about traveling, and I need to move past that. So what if my brother is perfectly content staying in the hotel room while we are in Hawaii? It doesn't mean he is a horrible ignorant person that needs to get a life. {Love you brother.} It just means we have different goals for ourselves. 

 Even among travelers there are differences. Each traveler has places they want to see. We all have our own bucket lists and places we can't wait to see, and we have places we could care less about seeing. And there are different ways to travel. Some of us backpack and rough it around countries. Others stay in posh hotels and take guided tours through the cities. When I travel, I like to have a home base. I like to have a place where I can be a homebody, and relax a bit. Some people travel and never seek out familiar restaurants or comforts of home. I personally need to have McDonalds every once in a while and pretend I am home. Every traveler is different. The one thing that unites us is our love to travel, not that we all travel to the same places and do the same things as we travel. 


Ever since my parents took me to London when I was in 8th grade, I knew I was going to spend as much time traveling as I could. 

Georgia is and always will be my home, and I will most likely settle back in Georgia. But traveling is what I have to do. I will never give it up. I will never stop searching for new adventures. That does not make me better or worse than others- just different. And different is A Okay- it's what makes the world go round. 

What do you guys think? Are you a traveler or non-traveler? 


  1. I would love to say that I am a traveler, but I also like the security of having a job and a home in a country with customs and a language that I know. Will I take long vacations whenever possible? Absolutely. But I don't know if I'm gutsy enough to pack up or sell all of my belongings and move across the world. And to the people who do that, I say: Take lots of pictures for me.

    1. Jess- thanks so much for the comment! I feel the same way- I love to travel, but I know at the end of the day I will settle in America.

  2. I totally agree with you, neither lifestyle is better! The world absolutely needs people who are content to stay in one spot. I don't think I could live without any travel...but I also don't have any plans to see the whole world just to say I've done it. Mostly I want to travel to places where I already have connections to, through people I know. Malaysia is where I call 'home' though.

    1. Rachel, Thanks for your comment. I always like to travel to places where I have a connection- I think it makes it more fun, and more meaningful! I would love to go to Malaysia. I have a good friend who is from there.


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- Alex