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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Breaking Dawn

I am not ashamed to say I am very excited to go to the midnight premier of Breaking Dawn. I love Twilight and proud of it. I don't care that Bella is a woman who just cares about her boyfriend, or the fact that Stephenie Meyer's writes poorly... I don't care that the acting is horrible... I just don't care. I love watching a movie that I can just relax in... I love reading books were I can just read and not interrupt the deeper theme of what the author was trying to say... I love stupid love stories and that is what Twilight gives to me. And you know what- I am tired of people trying to justify why they hate the Twilight series by using the fact that Meyer's can't write. This is what I say to them: Have you been published? Have you made millions in writing? No? Then shut-up!

To me these books and movies are a way to just relax and let go... and you know what I need to do exactly that! I am just lucky to have a loving husband who will support me in my insane obsession!


(These are just some of the books I used to study!)

For about the past 5 or 6 months I have been studying off and on for the Praxis II: Content Knowledge. This test is the 2nd out of 3 I have to take to become certified to teach. I took Praxis I a while ago and it was a piece of cake! Praxis II is a whole other ball game!

Since my content is history, the closest content area is social studies which includes: U.S. History, World History, Political Science, Geography, Economics, and the social sciences (Psych, Anthropology, and Sociology)!

Now, if you don't know better this is a whole lota content to be studying. And that is what I have been doing on top of writing my senior research paper (25-30 pages), completing two days at a middle school for Observation and Practicum and taking another 5 classes... oh yeah and working!

Needless to say I have been very busy! Now, I can handle it and I have been, but I just can't wait to be done in December and just focus on Student Teaching!

So I took the Praxis II last Saturday and will get my results in early December! And it was the hardest test I have taken in my educational career! Holy Crap I would not be surprised if I failed! Luckily, if I do I can take it again in January with my third test the PLT. But everyone send good thoughts that I passed- I could sure use some!

I have been driving Matt crazy since taking it analyzing over every question I can remember and asking him repeatedly if he thinks I passed. I am sure he can't wait till I get my scores!

Hopefully, now I can focus on my paper and the rest of my school work!

A Late Halloween

Last year for Halloween I was Sarah Palin and Matt was a Moose... this year we were nothing and it was pretty lame. At first I was okay with not dressing up because I was pretty excited to just pass out candy and carve our pumpkins- and then I realized Halloween was on a Monday and Matt works Monday nights! It was really depressing- and to add to that we had ZERO trick or treaters. Apparently in Laie, all the kids justgo to one street and everyone else just parks and has a truck or treat, but since we didn't know that Matt and I had 7 bags of candy untouched!!!!

Even though we didn't spend all of Halloween together and did
n't get one tricker or treater we still managed to have some fun. We carved our pumpkins, made gingerbread graveyard, and went to the Haunted Lagoon. Overall, it was a great Halloween- at least we were together!