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Monday, October 10, 2011


You might not care, but here are some things that have been happening since July:

1. Still have been running (although I took a week off when I got sick and it has been hard to get back into the groove)
2. Got a Mac Book Pro
3. Started my last semester of school! (well not including student teaching)
4. Found out I love the 7th grade
5. Gave up regular soda (yup, I am coke free)
6. My new love is Diet Dr. Pepper
7. Got my studio basically decorated
8. Found my love for zumba
9. Got a wii
10. Got readdicted to my fall shows

I also have set some real goals to get me back on Operation Portia DeRossi
1. No fast food
2. No soda (just to keep me on track)
3. Exercise 5x a week
4. Only going to the grocery once a week

Hopefully it will all work out! What are your goals?

What I Would Give For Some Fall

As most of you know Fall is my favorite season: I love the leaves changing, the cool weather, the holidays, etc. Unfortunately, Hawaii has no seasons! It is summer year around, the only change we see is the waves get bigger and it rains more! The weather gets a little bit cooler, but nothing like back home. I miss it so much! I am tired of being sweaty all the time and not being able to wear a hoodie or shoot even a light jacket! Matt and I have another year and a half here and I can't wait to get off the island. I know we are lucky to be in such a beautiful place, but I just want my fall- is that too much to ask?

One thing I am excited about is Halloween! Matt and I are not dressing up this year- but we are hoping for some trick or treaters! TVA (the complex we live in) is full of children- cause it's a Mormon community :) so one thing to be excited about is handing out candy to the little trick or treaters! We are going to stay in and make some treats and watch some Halloween classics like Hocus Pocus!

Anyway, I know I have been out of touch lately, but I will try to be better!