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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Things You Need To Know About Me

I saw this type of post a while ago on one of my favorite blogs over at LLM. I thought it was a pretty great idea. I mean it's exactly what you guys were hoping for- me to share MORE about myself! Well, you are in for a treat.

Here Are Some Facts You Should Know About Me...
(J Money I would like to extend a challenge- How many of these facts did you already know about me!)

1. My first name is Mary. I don't really hate the name Mary, but I really am more of an Alex.

2. Speaking of Alex. I hate when people say: Alex is a boy's name. Especially when they are first meeting me! Rude! In fact, in high school my freshman Geography teacher Ms. Paul would only call me Mary Alex because she said Alex was a boy's name. I think Mary Alex is worse because it makes me sound like a nun!

3. Speaking of nuns- I used to want to be Catholic. Although, if I was going to leave the church I would just leave church in general and be free.

4. This one is important: I LOVE CHAPSTICK! Correction- I am addicted to Chapstick. This addiction started junior year of high school. I eat with Chapstick, sleep with Chapstick, carry Chapstick everywhere, you probably won't ever see me without Chapstick. I think I use Chapstick every 30 minutes, and that is a liberal estimation.

4. I still sleep with my childhood blanket.

5. I call this blanket Babushka. And anytime I travel it goes with me; in fact, it is the first thing I pack! I also carry this blanket around the house. I sit on the couch with it... wear it around my neck. I even do this strange thing and hold it to my face while sitting with it. When I sleep, I wrap it around my head to cover my eyes.

6. I am addicted to Cherry Coke. Coke will do, but Cherry Coke is where it is at. This is an addiction that I have been struggling with for probably 22 years. I have tried to kick my habit, but don't really want too. Although, I have switched to Cherry Coke Zero.

7. I love to travel! I did a study abroad in England, and can't wait to travel again.

8. My favorite food is turkey sandwiches... most think it is pizza, but it's turkey sandwiches!

9. I once stole a Hansen poster in a teen magazine when I was in fifth grade. My mom would not buy the magazine for me so I went into the store bathroom with the magazine and took the poster out and then put the magazine back and walked out with my poster.

10. I don't eat chicken off the bone- in fact any animal on the bone.

11. I am very organized- very- very- very

12. I love t.v. In fact, I watch shows I don't really like just because I like to watch t.v. (I.E. Switched at Birth)

13. I read trashy novels and I am not even ashamed.

14. My favorite group is Simon and Garfunkel.

15. When I was 3, I had an alter ego name Christy. I would go out into my grandparents garage and knock on the door. When my Abuela would answer she would say OH CHRISTY! So nice to see you. Then we would play in Christy's world. Everyone in my family had another name. Abuela was Lucy Goosie, Papa- Smok'n Joe, my Aunt Nickie- Birtha Butt, and my mom was Maude. Christy's parents died in a plane crash on their way to the Bahamas. (Incidentally, my parents were flying to the Bahamas when Christy was created.) Now, I must state- Christy was NOT an imaginary friend, but an alter ego. When I knocked on my Abuela's door I WAS Christy.

16. I am afraid of the dark- sometimes when I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I either hold it... or I RUN to the bathroom.

17. My favorite color is red, but I usually buy pink things (pink laptop case, etc).

18. I would leave my husband for Colin Firth... well maybe not leave... stray... haha no probably leave- Colin is my soulmate

19. I hate the Mormon culture- I think it's very restrictive and narrow minded. It's NOT the church I hate, but some of the people and the culture they insist must be a part of the religion. It really sours my feelings on being a part of church activities because I feel very much on the outside. I feel this culture does not credit women all that much and puts this insane pressure that doing what God wants means getting married right out of high school and raising children. When in fact, we can do so much more and God is happy with that as well. It's a strange culture that my children will not be raised in because I was not raised to think this way. (Sorry to get all serious.)

20. I am NOT morning person. Well really, I do not like to be woken up. In fact, no one in my family, including my husband, ever want to be the one to wake me up. I usually am really really mean. In fact, one night Matt woke me up getting into bed and I said, in a really nasty voice, "Ugh, you stink!" Matt then spent the rest of the night on our couch!

21. I have been collecting shot glasses ever since I was 12. I have over 250.

Well, there are 21 things you need to know! Hope you enjoyed them!

Friday Flashback #3

This is for you Jenny:

This is what happens when you let your grandparents dress you! But I guess they felt like something needed to cover my bald head!!!!! Plus, really what choice did I have!

Stay tuned for next week... I have a story to tell.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday Flashback #2

This week I thought I would post another picture.

Okay... take this beauty in!

Look at this wonderful fringe early 90s hair style! Really what's not to love? Maybe the big ears? Or the strange sleeveless turtle neck? Gotta love the 90s!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thankful For #2

This week I thought I would do a little shout out to my Abuela! I am so thankful for my Abuela. She is such a wonderful woman. A great wife, mother, and of course Abuela (grandmother)! I am so lucky to have her in my life. She has always been supportive of me and the goals that I have set in my life. I love her so very much and wish I could see her everyday- unfortunately at this stage in my life and being over 4000 miles away that is impossible! She is always positive and upbeat.

I am thankful for my Abuela. I am thinking of her day because it is also her BIRTHDAY!!!!!! So I want to send a HAPPY BIRTHDAY her way!

I love you Abuela. I hope you have a great birthday and many more to come! Wish we could be there!

(This is picture of Abuela's senior picture)

Monday, January 16, 2012

And the Winner Is.... 2012 Golden Globes

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Award Show Season! Wednesday was the People's Choice (while not my favorite- I still watched it) and Sunday was the Golden Globe Awards. I like this one because it is a good indicator of how the Academy's will play out. I also love the casual feel of the Golden Globes and of course I love to see people get all dressed up. My close friend over at A Day n the Life of an Award Show Junkie is really good at predicting the outcomes of these award shows; however, I am too swayed by my emotions to really be able to accurately predict these things. Because of this I only blog about the fashion that I see- and this I don't even do that well. I am know fashion expert- I do not know the seasonal fashion trends and all the other little details that go into what the stars are wearing- I just know what I like- and here is what I have to say:

My top 10 worst outfits of the night:

Sharon Osburn- sorry to me this looks like curtains turn into a dress- and while I like the sleeves and think that is age appropriate- I thought with her frame the dress could have been slimmer.
Piper Perabo- While I loved the color (I saw a lot of nude and blushes this year), I did not like the huge bell skirt or the translucent/ sheer top.
Julianna Margulies- Don't know what to say about this- hate the color, the sleeves, the neckline, even the shape.
Sarah Michelle Gellar- Now I loved the style, but just hate the colors- though I do think this is a good example of a small girl finding a large skirt bottom that fits well and does not take her over.
Tilda Swinton- This was just bizarre
Julianne Moore- I love the classic black, love that she matched it with green jewelry, but I hate the first tier of the dress- I think if it was any shorter like, Madeleine Stowe, then it would have worked, but to me it looks like a mini dress with an added layer.
Lea Michele- Love the color and texture of the bottom- Hate the strange mermaid top.
Maya Rudolph- This just does not do justice to her body type, and it looks a little to high school homecoming.

Emily Deschanel- I love Emily; I love the color. But I hate this style. It almost looks a little too informal and I am hardly ever a fan of one sleeve.
Tina Fey- Like the color, but I think the feather look is a little overdone and this really did nothing for her shape. I would have liked to see a little more emphasis on her wonderful curves.

My top 10 awesome looks of the night:

Claire Danes- I loved this so much you needed to see both sides. Classic in the front and beautiful in the back. And the read lips- AMAZING!

Sophia Vergara- Let's be honest this woman could pull off a trash bag. But I love the way you can see her curves. I love the bottom detail and the color is amazing. And I love that she kept it simple with her hair.

Madeleine Stowe- This is what I thought Julianne Moore was shooting for in terms of the first tier. This was the perfect length. I love everything about this - the color, the detail in the back... everything!

Charlize Theron- LOVE IT! STUNNING! Really what can I say that the picture is not!

Madonna- Now I don't think this picture does this dress justice, but when she was on stage it was stunning. It is so unique and I love the way she looks in it.

Salma Heyek- HOT! I love the metallic detail.

Kate Beckinsale- Pretty classic and standard. But I love the color and the neckline.

Emma Stone- Beautiful. The color is great and I love the material, the waist detail. Good Choice. I love it because she is willing to take some risks, as we saw at the People's Choice when she rocked the Gucci suit.

Reese Witherspoon- Pretty basic red carpet dress, but Reese is rocking it!

Julie Bowen- Now I had mixed feelings about this all night. Did I love it? Hate it? What? Well I love it. Color is great. The lace sleeves are perfect. Has a nice shape. I only wish she would have pulled her hair up. It is a classic dress.

Almost Theres:
These Jessica's came close to hitting the mark, but not close enough. Jessica Beil- loved the lacy old look she was shooting for, but the top looked a little too old lady.

This just looked a little too prom to me.

Best Suited For Age:

This is perfect for a young girl!

I wish I had seen Meryl Streep in something closer to what Helen Mirren was wearing. Meryl looked to baggy.

Lovely Ladies with a Little More Meat on Their Bones:

I loved Octavia Spencer's look. I did not like the color, but I love the fit of the dress for her body. I just wish I would see Michelle McCarthy take a chance like this. For the Globes and the Emmy's she was wearing stuff that hid her body, not embraced it!

Couples of the Night:

There are just two that I wanted to mention.

The Wonderful Deschanel Sisters- While I didn't like Emily's dress- I love these two together.

I had to have a shout out to Brad and Angelina! LOVE THEM!

OKAY so as you can probably tell I am no expert. But I enjoy doing this and that's what counts! What did you think of the night?

Interviewing 8 Year Olds

I was blog stalking today and I came across a recent post called Interview with a 3 Year Old. She had posted a picture of her cute three year old and her answers to some basic questions. I thought this was such a great idea. It is a great way to document the growth of those little ones that grow up so fast!

You are now probably wondering: Alex you don't have kids so what are you going to post about?
Here is the answer: Olivia and Jud
If you know me at all you know these two wonderful 8 year olds are the center of my life. While they are not my children, they hold a special place in my heart. Both Olivia and Jud are adopted from China. Olivia was 16 months when we got her and Jud was 3 when we got him. Every day since their arrivals into my life has been an adventure. So I thought while they are a little old to be starting this- I thought it would still be great to get their answers!

I called them today and asked a few questions and their answers did not disappoint. It is so funny what kids will say. Enjoy!

Olivia Jade Drake - Age 8

Favorite Animal: Cheetah
Favorite Place: New York
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite T.V. Show: Wizards of Waverly Place
Best Friend: Stephanie
Loves: Watching T.V. and Hanging out with people
Dislikes: Chores
Favorite Place to Play: At Chuck E. Cheese's

Judson Conner Drake- Age 8

Favorite Animal: Zebra
Favorite Place: Hawaii
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese
Favorite T.V. Show: Power Rangers
Best Friend: Shawn
Loves: Playing Phinneas and Ferb In the 2nd Dimension on WII
Dislikes: Being Grounded
Favorite Place to Play: Sage's House

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into two my most favorite little munchkins in my life!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Segment: Friday Flashback

For the past month or so I decided that I wanted to have a few reoccurring segments for all my many followers (all 11 of them) to look forward to. I have been racking by brain for ideas- I have looked at some of my favorite blogs for ideas and really could not find something I really liked- which lead me to the question: What would interest people in reading my blog? What would have them checking my blog every Friday? What would have people counting down the days till Keeping Calm and Carrying On posted its renouned weekly segment? And then it hit me- people would love to see things that embarrass me- things in my past that I am a little ashamed of. This is what will bring the crowds in. This is the segment that will boost my seemingly inexistent blog into the popular blogging world! This is it!..... Okay, so I am exaggerating! It probably won't do anything to my followers- my fan base of 11 will stay the same... my comments will continue to be 0 per post- but hey, I am trying! And this effort has lead me to Friday Flashbacks!

Friday Flashbacks will be a weekly segment where I share with you a picture, story, or maybe even a video of events in my past. Things that cause me to be a little embarrassed about myself. Things that make me think- I wore that! I said that! I did that! And this wonderful segment begins today January 13, 2012!

Friday Flashback Number 1:

Here is a little background- first day of 7th grade! My best friend at the time (Erinn Chesnut) wore leopard print pants. We were in the same homeroom and for about three months coordinated our outfits (including matching hair ribbons). And to top it all off we had matching zip up binders- mine was zebra print and Erinn's was leopard. We were cool.... or so I thought in 7th grade, but this was the year, mind you, I also wore orange corduroys, red pleather pants (Erinn had a matching pair), purple pleather (with matching jacket), and gold sequenced jeans! So really when you think about it the zebra pants aren't so bad. Right?

Feel free to share your thoughts or link up with me and share some embarrassing moments! What did you wear for the first day of 7th grade?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thankful For ...#1

Sometimes in life it is easy to just feel bogged down. It is easy to just go through and be negative and complain about every little mess up. And lately, I have been noticing myself doing this. Now, I have always been accused of being dramatic and I believe most of the time I am joking- there are times where I make life to be this huge dramatic experience, when in fact it's pretty normal- if not excellent.

I thought to keep me in check I would try to do a weekly thankful for section just to remember to be positive. Now, I don't want this to be some cheesy segment where I bore you to tears, but just some small things to help us remember not to get so bogged down.

I think this is important to remember because sometimes life just sucks. Sometimes we are so busy it feels we are at hyper speed at all times (especially being students and working and coaching and whatever else we have on our plates)- but sometimes it's good to just slow down and find one thing to smile about.

This week I am thankful for my husband Mr. Matt Ho- now I am always thankful for him- but for the last three weeks we have been on holiday and have had tons of time to just hang out with each other. And it's been a blast. When we first started dating, many people were surprised because we really are nothing alike. (I will have to find some pictures of us in high school for you to see the extreme difference.) I am extremely OCD, controlling, type A, neurotic, and any other word you can think of to say bossy. Matt is the opposite- completely. He has ADHD, laid back, nice to people, and any other word you can think of to just say easy going. We are opposite! And while most were surprised and maybe a little confused about us being together I gotta say WE WORK. And we work well. Now this last year has not been a full time picnic, but it has been pretty close. We have fought, we have cried (okay I have cried), we have laughed, we have paid rent, grocery shopped, done laundry, went on date nights, and anything between- and I have loved every minute of it (except for maybe when Matt moved the car without telling me and I wandered around campus crying trying to find our car- that was not enjoyable!) But the point is this last year, while different from how I originally planned my 2011, was awesome and that's because of Mr. Matt Ho. I am so thankful for the humor, the love and the awesomeness he brings into my life.

I hope I did not bore you with my rambles of my thankful for segment, but I really just felt I needed to say something positive!

(Please don't be worried about this picture- he really is happy- really!)

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Newest Member of the Fahey Ho Family

Don't get too excited... or worried for us- the newest member of our family is not actually a person, but a thing. The last month I got some graduation money and we got some Christmas money so we decided to buy ourselves a big present. And we decided to buy a camera. Now we were given a camera last Christmas and we love it, but we wanted a more professional camera to start learning on. Well, Matt wanted to learn- I don't think I have the patience for learn how to take good pictures. To me if it is not crooked I am doing good and let's face it even that can be fixed with photo shop!

So Matt and I bought a Canon Rebel T3i and so far so good. We have not taken any pictures yet; Matt is still busy reading the user manual. While this was a larger purchase, we felt good about buying it- plus we got it on sale so that's always good. I will make sure I put some of our pictures up soon.