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Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Segment: Friday Flashback

For the past month or so I decided that I wanted to have a few reoccurring segments for all my many followers (all 11 of them) to look forward to. I have been racking by brain for ideas- I have looked at some of my favorite blogs for ideas and really could not find something I really liked- which lead me to the question: What would interest people in reading my blog? What would have them checking my blog every Friday? What would have people counting down the days till Keeping Calm and Carrying On posted its renouned weekly segment? And then it hit me- people would love to see things that embarrass me- things in my past that I am a little ashamed of. This is what will bring the crowds in. This is the segment that will boost my seemingly inexistent blog into the popular blogging world! This is it!..... Okay, so I am exaggerating! It probably won't do anything to my followers- my fan base of 11 will stay the same... my comments will continue to be 0 per post- but hey, I am trying! And this effort has lead me to Friday Flashbacks!

Friday Flashbacks will be a weekly segment where I share with you a picture, story, or maybe even a video of events in my past. Things that cause me to be a little embarrassed about myself. Things that make me think- I wore that! I said that! I did that! And this wonderful segment begins today January 13, 2012!

Friday Flashback Number 1:

Here is a little background- first day of 7th grade! My best friend at the time (Erinn Chesnut) wore leopard print pants. We were in the same homeroom and for about three months coordinated our outfits (including matching hair ribbons). And to top it all off we had matching zip up binders- mine was zebra print and Erinn's was leopard. We were cool.... or so I thought in 7th grade, but this was the year, mind you, I also wore orange corduroys, red pleather pants (Erinn had a matching pair), purple pleather (with matching jacket), and gold sequenced jeans! So really when you think about it the zebra pants aren't so bad. Right?

Feel free to share your thoughts or link up with me and share some embarrassing moments! What did you wear for the first day of 7th grade?

1 comment:

  1. Well, I wore a uniform, but my hair was awful. I had just seen Princess of Thieves with Keira Knightley and i wanted her "cool" haircut. Well, Knightly has straight hair and I have wavy. Let's just say I hadn't supported a more stupid haircut since my infamous "mushroom cut" in first grade. :) (p.s. I read your blog all the time!)


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