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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thankful For ...#1

Sometimes in life it is easy to just feel bogged down. It is easy to just go through and be negative and complain about every little mess up. And lately, I have been noticing myself doing this. Now, I have always been accused of being dramatic and I believe most of the time I am joking- there are times where I make life to be this huge dramatic experience, when in fact it's pretty normal- if not excellent.

I thought to keep me in check I would try to do a weekly thankful for section just to remember to be positive. Now, I don't want this to be some cheesy segment where I bore you to tears, but just some small things to help us remember not to get so bogged down.

I think this is important to remember because sometimes life just sucks. Sometimes we are so busy it feels we are at hyper speed at all times (especially being students and working and coaching and whatever else we have on our plates)- but sometimes it's good to just slow down and find one thing to smile about.

This week I am thankful for my husband Mr. Matt Ho- now I am always thankful for him- but for the last three weeks we have been on holiday and have had tons of time to just hang out with each other. And it's been a blast. When we first started dating, many people were surprised because we really are nothing alike. (I will have to find some pictures of us in high school for you to see the extreme difference.) I am extremely OCD, controlling, type A, neurotic, and any other word you can think of to say bossy. Matt is the opposite- completely. He has ADHD, laid back, nice to people, and any other word you can think of to just say easy going. We are opposite! And while most were surprised and maybe a little confused about us being together I gotta say WE WORK. And we work well. Now this last year has not been a full time picnic, but it has been pretty close. We have fought, we have cried (okay I have cried), we have laughed, we have paid rent, grocery shopped, done laundry, went on date nights, and anything between- and I have loved every minute of it (except for maybe when Matt moved the car without telling me and I wandered around campus crying trying to find our car- that was not enjoyable!) But the point is this last year, while different from how I originally planned my 2011, was awesome and that's because of Mr. Matt Ho. I am so thankful for the humor, the love and the awesomeness he brings into my life.

I hope I did not bore you with my rambles of my thankful for segment, but I really just felt I needed to say something positive!

(Please don't be worried about this picture- he really is happy- really!)

1 comment:

  1. I'm guessing you're on the opposite side of the camera saying "Come on. Smile, Matt!" cause that's pretty similar to the face Jake makes when I'm in your spot. :) and no one gets bored of gratitude


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