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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hollow Bunny Surprise

So as most of you know this year my Easter basket had a little more something than the usual Peeps and solid Milk Chocolate Bunny... in fact it a HUGE surprise!
That Saturday- April 3rd Matt and I spent at my Abuela's house dying Easter eggs and eating pizza with the family- while sitting on the couch watching some cheesy church movie called "One Good Man" I asked Matt when he wanted to exchange Easter baskets the next day... like always he really didn't care and usually I can't make any decision but this time I really really wanted him to open his basket ASAP because I had spent so much time getting all the perfect treats for his basket... so I said, "Why don't we just open them tonight?" Of course, Matt went along with this and we decided to open them after we went to "The Clash of the Titans"- now I must put in this side note that I had a mini pout about going to this movie because I really did not want to see it... but Matt did and so I ended my pout and went with him- of course I Loved the movie and was really excited to be giving/ getting Easter baskets soon!
Anyway, so we decided to go to his house to open baskets so we picked up his from my house and headed over to his house to await midnight! Of course, I had to wrap mine up in my babushka :) So here comes the best part- midnight arrives and I give him his basket first- now let me tell you this basket was so great! It was full of chocolate and jelly beans a season of Flight of the Conchords, and a Spongebob Memory game! I even gave him a hollow bunny- which he loves because he always wanted to take the head off and drink milk out of the bunny to see what it tasted like! Which I think is weird but whatever! Anyway- the whole time he kept saying, "Oh mine is not as good as the basket you gave me!" or "I hope you are not disappointed!" And I was like "Oh I will be happy with anything!" (which secretly I was okay because I had previously told Matt what I expected in an Easter basket! The only thing that was not acceptable in my Easter basket was a Hollow Bunny- because I think they are a rip off!)
So imagine my surprise when the first thing I pull out of my basket was a HOLLOW BUNNY! I am pretty sure my reaction was something like, "What? A Hollow Bunny?" And then I tossed it to the side to find my other gifts! Which was some other great candy... and a solid bunny... which I must say I was a little confused why I got both types of bunnies... but whatever! So after I had pulled out all my candy Matt said, "There is a surprise in the plastic eggs!" And I said, "OOOO a surprise!" So I start opening them and it's like a penny... then a quarter.... and by the end I had 89 cents in change... but nothing else! And that was the end of my Easter basket!
Then Matt said, "Remember when I said I wanted to drink milk out of a hallow bunny?"
Me: "Yes?"
Matt: "Well, I got you one so we could do it together! So do you want to do it with me? "
Me: "Uh, no I don't want to do that."
Matt: "Come on please!"
Me: "NO I don't want to do that! Thanks though... you can just do it with yours...!"
Matt: (just gives me a sad face)Me: "Okay fine we can do it!"
So we move into the kitchen and Matt gets the milk out and we take our bunnies out their cases... then Matt tells me to take the head off my bunny... which of course I say "No, I don't want to take the head off my bunny! You go first!"
Matt: "Just do it!"
Me: "Okay fine" (then I take the head off and look inside....)On the inside was a plastic bag with a blue piece of paper and A RING!!! Which at first glance in the bunny I thought was a bottle of lotion which confused me for a while! But then Matt took the ring and got on one knee and asked me to marry him... which I am pretty sure the only thing I kept saying was, "HOW DID YOU GET THE RING IN THE BUNNY! HOW HOW!!!!"
Oh yeah and of course I said YES!!!!!

Then Matt told me he used a safety pin to cut a square hole in the back of the bunny and then stuck the plastic ring bag in the bunny and then his mom melted milk chocolate chips and he used that as a paste to glue the square piece back on the bunny! I mean is he not the most creative person ever! I think he did such a great job especially since I had already told him I was a proposal snob and had already told him what I did not like in a proposal... but I was not sure what I would like... and I must say for us this was perfect! I mean it was him making a joke out of something that I hated (hallow bunnies).. and me not really going along with the plan!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the story! I think it was quite great! Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring and Love

It has been two years since I have lived in Georgia during the Spring season and I have honestly forgot how pretty it is here! Everything is blooming here and all the trees and flowers look so beautiful. It also does not hurt that the weather is really starting to get warm again and it just feels so perfect!
And of course, with this new love for spring I have found new loves when it comes to flora and fauna... well really just flora!

This is a field of Ranunculus. Just look at all the colors they come in! I really think these could be my new favorite!

Poppies are my next love that I have found. There is something so happy about the color red and the inky center.
Now Jenny I know you will be surprised about this third love... but yes Tulips! I saw some today and they were so happy! So I thought yes, yes I love them.
And my last love of this Spring season are Cherry Blossom trees. These are everywhere now and they look so pretty in bloom.

Maybe it's cause I am in love and a little cheesy... but right now I am LOVING Spring and all the beauty it is bringing into my life! :)