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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Planning, Planning, and More Planning

I have found my calling- not really surprising to anyone that really knows me but I LOVE PLANNING MY WEDDING! I have been engaged for almost three months and already I have so many things accomplished. Of course, I have to give credit to my trusty sidekick "The Bride's Book of Lists" which is pretty much my timeline and organizer. This book keeps me not only sane but cool as a cucumber!
-So far we have the temple booked for November 26 at 9:00 am! We will be sealed in the Birmingham, Al temple since the Atlanta one is closed for right now.- The reception site- The Trolley Barn in Inman park in downtown Atlanta. This is such an awesome open space that really is perfect for us. It has sort of a loft feel to it and looks really really nice.- All wedding stationary is ordered
-Save the Dates have been sent out
-Bridesmaid's dresses picked outThe girls will be in Marigold with a Charcoal sash. They also have extra fabric for those that need to add sleeves. I think these are really perfect dresses!
- Men's wear picked out
-My dress bought
-Caterer booked. Which our caterer is also doing our flowers, and linens!
-Bakery selected
-DJ selected
-We are registered at Target and Macy's (this was my least favorite part. I thought I would enjoy it but it turned out to be very stressful!)
-Photographer selected
- And the rehearsal dinner is being planned!
So far so good! No one has gotten too stressed out and I think I have been the perfect bride :)
We have chosen shades of yellow and gray for our colors with Marigold, Slate Grey, and Ivory the main colors.

Dress Shopping

This post is a little late... but late is better than never!

So as most of you know Matt and I got engaged on April 4 and just a couple weeks after that my mom, Abuela, and Maid of Honor, Beth went wedding dress shopping! I mean the planner and book I have say the first thing to do is to find my dress so I had to do what the books say! I want to stay as calm as possible during this planning process and for me that means sticking to a organized plan so first things first the dress!There are only a couple modest dress shops in Georgia so on the 20th of April we tried our luck at the first one called "Lorna's Bridal and Formalwear". This was all the way in Loganville- which is about an hour away from my house and trust me it was the longest ride ever! Once we got to the town it really did not look promising- it was a really small boutique and when I looked at the dresses all I saw was rows of sparkle.... and I am not one for sparkle! It was funny because Melissa- the owner- asked me what I wanted and liked in a wedding dress and I was like "Well I don't know." Which is strange because I knew I had an idea I just couldn't think of it... but then she asked if I knew what I didn't like and of course I had a long list of what I did NOT like! That is just so typical of me- since I am a wedding snob I know what I hate but can't put in words what I love! But Melissa was super nice and let me just go through the racks and pull whatever I thought I liked.... and at first I had only pulled out a few and she just told me to pull as many as I wanted even if I didn't think I liked them because they might look different on. It was good that Beth was there because she pulled some for me and was really really helpful- although she said she was a little scared because I was so picky! :)
After I pulled out what felt like 30+ dresses it was finally time to try on! Here are some pictures of the dresses that I did not get!
This was the first dress I tried on and I didn't like it at all! (Also, please get used to the weird arm placements and facial expressions... I can't seem to stand normal!)
Here is one that was in my top three I did like it.. but did not love it!
I did like this one it was also in the top three or four I think- the picture above is the back and below is the front- at this point I think Abuela told me they had been taking pictures of just the dress not my face so this is what I thought of that! Here is a dress that really looked horrible on me- hahahaHaving fun in the dressing room! Beth having fun while I am trying on one of my many dresses!

Needless to say- my dress looks nothing like any of these dresses that are pictured above. But I must say I LOVE MY DRESS! I really have never seen anyone in anything like it! Of course you can't see it... but here is a little LITTLE sneak peak! Enjoy!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Best Friends

I have found my new best friends- wedding planning books! The first thing I did after I got engaged- other than telling all my friends and family- I did the typical Alex thing and went and got a wedding agenda and an etiquette book!

And I must say these two books are a must have!
This etiquette book answers every question I could have ever wanted to know. And of course, I even made Matt read it with me- and he was thrilled... But for real this book is great- if you are planning a wedding and care about doing things the 'proper' way- which I do :) this is the right book for you!Now this book is extra special because not only is it an agenda but also gives you tips and questions to ask your different vendors! Needless to say this little baby goes everywhere with me!

On another note the wedding planning is going good- I have my dress and veil- bridesmaids dresses- the reception site- and invitations! The Save the Dates just came in and they look great!