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Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Reads: Part II

This week I read the Fablehaven series. This series is written by Brandon Mull and includes five books.

If you enjoyed the Harry Potter series you will love these books. I first started seeing these books with my 7th graders. Many of them were reading the series and I wanted to stay up to date with the kiddos, so I bought the complete series for my Kindle Fire. For only $20.00! I started reading them last Monday and just finished the fifth and last book today. While the main characters are a young brother and sister, the books are still relatable as an adult.

I highly recommend this series!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Flashback #20

High School Baccalaureate circa 2006
Me, Beth Samaha, and Anna Nagel (now Allen) 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Reads So Far: Part I

As I have said many times in my last few posts, I am on summer break. As my last post talked about, I love t.v., but I love READING even more! Like a lot more!

Now that I have plenty of time to just hang around... I mean look for a job.... :) I can knock some books off my reading list and even read books that were not on my list. I don't really have a list per say I just find a book I am interested in- read it-- then repeat.

For the remainder of my summer break I will post on the books I have read so far and what I liked/ didn't like about the book. Now as most of you know I have a weakness secret obsession with trashy romance/ mystery novels and I can read one or two of these a day.... these are not the books I will post about. One because you probably don't care and two I don't want any of you to know the trashiness of these books. I would not want to embarrass any of you!

Okay, so what have I read so far....

A while ago I read Tina Fay's BossyPants. It was literally the funniest book I have ever read. I read on the plane ride home a year ago and I laughed out loud... on the plane... around strangers it was THAT funny. Now you might say... "Alex you read this a year ago... why are you telling us now?"

Good question- this book opened my mind to reading autobiography type books. I never really had a desire until I saw this book. And let me tell you it was worth it. If you have not read it yet, do it NOW!

Okay, so when I saw Ellen's newer/ish book I didn't even hesitate- I bought it! Seriously... I'm Kidding is written by Ellen Degeneres and it is worth the cost. Not only is it funny, but Ellen shares many great messages throughout her book. I have not yet read her previous books, so I cannot compare this to them, but I LOVED it. I laughed out loud. It is an easy read and it is just like watching the start of Ellen (the talk show).. you know when she talks to the audience. So good!

I also read the first two books of Ally Condie's Matched series. Matched and Crossed are the first two and the last book Reached comes out in November. This is a less violent Hunger Game type book. You know a dystopian futuristic book. Again easy read and pretty good. It's all centered around Cassia Reyes and her struggle with the "Society".

That's what I read so far, well not including my trashy books :) If you have any book recommendations please leave your comments! I am open to all sorts of books, but please nothing depressing---- I need a happy ending!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Loves

I have a big list of Things to do for the summer (look out for the post about the list), but I also want to relax. While the beach is nice and relaxing for the day time, I need something to do at night.

This is where my summer shows come in! Matt and I are such t.v. and movie heads and I am so happy networks have some summer shows. Here is what I will be watching:

What summer shows are you looking forward too? 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Oh happy day to all the many fathers in my life!

(Dad, Barry, Papa Stewart, Grandpa Fahey, Papa Drake, Kevin, Uncle Beau, Uncle Jason, Grandpa Butchy... the list goes on!)

I don't have pictures of all the great guys in my life but I hope you have a great day.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Friday Flashback #19

Here is a short and sweet story for y'all:

When I was in about the 2nd-3rd grade Atlanta starting construction on the carpool lanes for the interstate highways. These special highways came with a special acronym-- one, of course,  that I could never remember.

One day my mom and I were heading up to visit my Abuela and Papa. We were living in Macon at the time, about a 3-4 hour drive away from Roswell (where my grandparents were). As my mom got into Atlanta I asked: "Mom, are you going to get in the SOB lane?"

SOB!?!- yup that's what I said. Apparently, as a young child I tended to mix up my acronyms! The correct   acronym I was looking for was HOV- High Occupancy Vehicle Lane- not SOB or Son of a B****!

Man, first bastard now SOB I bet you are wondering what lovely people were raising me..... I wonder that all the time :) Just joking..... kinda....no really!

Hope you enjoyed! Leave your comments if you have ever made a similar mistake as a child-- it would make me feel a little bit better about myself.

Stay tuned for a Flashback about Matt next week!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Abuela Is Cooler Than Yours :)

This is my Abuela's tap group performing. For the past few or more years my Abuela has been tap dancing. She started in her 50s and hasn't stopped yet! She is in her 60s now (not that you would know that by looking at her) and she is a tap dancing QUEEN!!!! 

It has been a while since I have been able to go to a live performance of hers, but luckily she is now on you-tube! Enjoy! 

(She is right behind the women that is in the front right!) 

Here's To 24

Thursday, June 7th, was my 24th birthday-- Woot Woot! I thought I would share my day with you via Instagram:

1. Woke up with a birthday doughnut from Matt. This has been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember! I think this one of the greatest things my family does that is special to our family. No matter where we are, my mom always finds a way to get our birthday doughnuts to us kids. Now that Matt and I are married, it is his responsibility to provide my birthday doughnut!

2. Beach Time- While Matt was taking his last final, I decided to hang out at Hukilau beach for a while. It was a little too windy for my taste, but it was still nice to just relax. I thought I would be a little corny and write this message to myself in the sand. :)

3. After Matt came back from his final we headed over to Ted's Bakery to eat one of my favorite lunches. Yummy!

4. The original plan was to go over to Sunset Beach and lay out and swim, but it was still a little windy so we headed over to the Turtle Bay pools and laid out! There is nothing better and just lounging around the pool with my true love.... a good book (haha)! We stayed there for the whole afternoon!

5. For dinner we headed to Hard Rock Cafe. While Matt really wanted to take me to Roy's (one of my favorite restaurants) it was out of our budget! But Hard Rock is pretty darn good! We got to eat and listen to some great music. We had some great desserts. Matt got a chocolate mousse and I had a creme 
brulee--- they were great! 


After dinner we headed home and hit the hay! It was such a great day. I got many phone calls and Facebook posts. I am truly blessed to have so many people in my life that care to wish me well on my special day! I also got a few gifts from my wonderful family and some really cute cards!



Friday, June 8, 2012

Our New Friends

For my birthday, Matt and I got some new friends for our place! A while ago, we got this India inspired print for our wall and this elephant goes perfectly with it! 

The blue owl and the red elephant- Ross. The little owl are from Janice and Kevin. 
You can't see it here, but the little guy is beautiful. 

Friday Flashback #18

When I was a kid I never really said bad words (or at least not to my knowledge)... EXCEPT one word. Now, I am not quite sure how this word came to be part of my basic vocabulary at such a young age (I think the earliest use was around the age of 3)... but I know that some of my most strongest memories as a child involve this word. At this point you are probably wondering WHAT WORD!!!! 

Bastard - yup that's the word. Strange I know, but I used to say it when I was little and I really didn't know why it was bad. I think my mom told me what a bastard was, but I couldn't make the connection of why that would make it a bad word. 

Anyway, at some point I got over my use of saying bastard a lot (i.e. Calling my dog Missy a bastard because she ate my Valentine's Day cards I was to give to my classmates.) 

Until one fateful day at my Abuela and Papa's house.... At the start of second grade, I started playing softball and we had a weird team name. One that was really hard for me to remember. The only way I could remember the name was by thinking of a movie that had just come out to theaters... The Little Rascals. Yup, that was my team name Lil' Rascals. 

When people asked me what my team name was it would take me forever to remember the name. I would have to think of the movie and then I could say the team name. 

Okay, this is where things get dicey. I was in the kitchen with my Abuela and she was asking me about softball and school. And she asked the question: Alex, so what's your team name? 

And I thought really hard and I remembered the movie and then I said: The Little Bastards! 

My Abuela just looked at me and then just started laughing. No, not laughing... she was in instant hysterics! 

I was so embarrassed; I turned  bright red and then started crying. Man why oh why did I say Little Bastards???? I thought I was reformed, I never said that word anymore!! It was miserable! But in my defense- who names a team the lit' rascals! Good Grief! 

To this day, my family cannot tell this story without going into hysterics! Hope you enjoyed and at least gave you a good laugh. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mothers and Fathers

These Verizon commercials really hit the nail on the head- they describe the mother daughter relationship and the father son relationship perfectly!!!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The End of my Professional Year

Last week I finished up my student teaching. For the past school year, I have been completing my professional year in a 7th grade class at Mililani Middle School, and have been teaching Hawaiian and Pacific history.

While I am going to miss my students, I am very excited to be finished! I am not a 'highly qualified' teacher and have a license for the state of Hawaii. Now, it is time for the real world. I have completed my DOE application and right now I am just waiting. I have gone to a few schools and dropped off a hiring packet, so hopefully everything will work out because I really need a job! It is kinda discouraging because the School of Education as been going on and on about their 100% hiring rate and yet here it is June and no job!

Oh well, I have a backup plan just in case, but let's all think JOB!

On my last days, my students surprised me with some gifts! I got two leis, a bunch of drawings, and some candy gifts! It feels so good to be loved :)

I also have a funny story to share: There is a group of boys in my core 4 and they are always an adventure and a hand full- but I love seeing them everyday. On the second to last day, they came in to hang out with me during recess. While they were in we got on the topic of Nutella and how I didn't really like it. The next day they came to hang out again. (I am sitting at my desk and they pull up their chairs to form a circle around my desk!) And one of my students pulls out a thing of Nutella and six slices of bread! He wanted to have a recess snack and share with me. It was so funny and sweet- I even choked down a slice of Nutella bread!

Diploma Time.... Finally

My diploma finally arrived. I graduated last December, and I got my diploma last week! Welcome to Hawaii! But I must say, I am glad I have finally have it!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

12 Events to Count Down 2012

With June comes the half way mark to the new year. We are now in mid-2012. Schools are on summer break, fall is just around the corner, and there are some exciting events happening from now until the end of the year. Now, of course I am excited about my 24th (yikes) birthday this Thursday... and Matt's 25th birthday in July... and July 4th and all the good stuff in between, but there are a few things that I am really really excited about. Allow me to share my top events I am excited for in the remainder of the 2012: 

1. June 15th- Disney's Brave comes to a theater near you! Now, by this point you should now my obsession to all things UK, so this should be a no brainer. But this movie looks really good, and looks like one of the few Disney movies that won't make me want to kill my self or burn my bra. 

2. Matt and I have a five week summer vacation. I have finished my student teaching and am now currently looking for a job, so in my spare time I get to spend my time enjoying the beautiful island of Oahu. (I know how horrible.) Matt is also on a mini break from school and does not start back until mid-July. (Everyone, please keep me in your thoughts as I really need a teaching job!)  

3. July 27th- The opening ceremonies of the London Olympics begin. Leading to two fun filled weeks of awesomeness. Now, this olympics is doubly important because a. I LOVE THE OLYMPICS and b. I LOVE LONDON!!!!!! I have suggested to Matt that we buy a super huge t.v. to watch the Olympics on and then return it :) which would be dishonest, but COOL! 

4. August 3rd- The reuniting of A and J starts! My good, great, best friend,  LOVER Jenny is coming for a visit to the island. I am beyond excited for her visit. And if the pictures below show any indication, we are going to have a blast! 

5. October- Possible trip home to Georgia. Now I say possible because I have not worked out all the details, but I am hoping to make this happen. Whether I am teaching or subbing we should be able to swing this trip home. This will be a solo trip on my part because Matt will be in school, but the DOE here will be on Fall break, so why not visit my family? Plus, it is my cousin Jessie's 18th birthday and I really want to be there for that! 

 6. November 2nd- Election Day! Now, I am not going to get into politics here. All am going to say is register and VOTE! You can not complain when you don't vote! 

7. November 26th- Matt and I celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary! Oh my gosh, two years really! What else can I say to this- I married the world's coolest man! 

8.  Thanksgiving Weekend- Matt and I go to Maui to celebrate Thanksgiving and our anniversary. Last year after graduation Matt, my mom, and I went to the Big Island (Hawaii), but we have never been to Maui. Since last Thanksgiving was a little bit traumatic for me (rice instead of potatoes, sushi, etc.) we thought it would be good to go explore a different island. And it is perfect since we will both be on break then. 

9. December 2nd- Matt and I go to Wicked. Broadway shows or concerts hardly ever make it over to Hawaii, so when they do we jump on the chance to go. Granted I have seen Wicked three times before, but I love the show enough to go again. Matt was nice enough to let us buy the tickets and even is going to come with me! 

10. December 16th- Matt and I head back to spend Christmas with the family. This trip is a definite. We will either be moving back for good at this time, or just staying for a couple of weeks. I am beyond excited to be able to spend a Christmas with our two families. Matt and I are lucky enough that both our families live within 15 minutes of each other and they like each other too, so it is possible to spend the holidays as one big happy family! For Matt this will his first time seeing home in TWO years!!! Since this picture was taken, there have been a few more editions to our family (a couple that I have yet to meet!) 

11. Christmas Day- Les Miserables comes out to a theater near you. I was lucky enough to see this in London and since then have never been the same. I love it! I have seen the trailer and am beyond excited to see it on the big screen. And best yet, I can see it with my sister Chantal. (If only J Money was able to be with me.)

12. December- Matt and I visit Harry Potter World at Universal Studios! Ever since it has opened I have wanted to go for a visit. Since we will be home and Orlando is pretty close we thought we would make a mini-cation out of it! Plus, it really works out because the parks won't be hot and as crowed as they are in the summer! 

What events are you looking forward to? 

Oh Happy Day

60 years on the throne- now that is impressive! To many more years Queen Elizabeth! 

If you don't know the importance of the jubilee just click HERE!