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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Reads So Far: Part I

As I have said many times in my last few posts, I am on summer break. As my last post talked about, I love t.v., but I love READING even more! Like a lot more!

Now that I have plenty of time to just hang around... I mean look for a job.... :) I can knock some books off my reading list and even read books that were not on my list. I don't really have a list per say I just find a book I am interested in- read it-- then repeat.

For the remainder of my summer break I will post on the books I have read so far and what I liked/ didn't like about the book. Now as most of you know I have a weakness secret obsession with trashy romance/ mystery novels and I can read one or two of these a day.... these are not the books I will post about. One because you probably don't care and two I don't want any of you to know the trashiness of these books. I would not want to embarrass any of you!

Okay, so what have I read so far....

A while ago I read Tina Fay's BossyPants. It was literally the funniest book I have ever read. I read on the plane ride home a year ago and I laughed out loud... on the plane... around strangers it was THAT funny. Now you might say... "Alex you read this a year ago... why are you telling us now?"

Good question- this book opened my mind to reading autobiography type books. I never really had a desire until I saw this book. And let me tell you it was worth it. If you have not read it yet, do it NOW!

Okay, so when I saw Ellen's newer/ish book I didn't even hesitate- I bought it! Seriously... I'm Kidding is written by Ellen Degeneres and it is worth the cost. Not only is it funny, but Ellen shares many great messages throughout her book. I have not yet read her previous books, so I cannot compare this to them, but I LOVED it. I laughed out loud. It is an easy read and it is just like watching the start of Ellen (the talk show).. you know when she talks to the audience. So good!

I also read the first two books of Ally Condie's Matched series. Matched and Crossed are the first two and the last book Reached comes out in November. This is a less violent Hunger Game type book. You know a dystopian futuristic book. Again easy read and pretty good. It's all centered around Cassia Reyes and her struggle with the "Society".

That's what I read so far, well not including my trashy books :) If you have any book recommendations please leave your comments! I am open to all sorts of books, but please nothing depressing---- I need a happy ending!

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