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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The End of my Professional Year

Last week I finished up my student teaching. For the past school year, I have been completing my professional year in a 7th grade class at Mililani Middle School, and have been teaching Hawaiian and Pacific history.

While I am going to miss my students, I am very excited to be finished! I am not a 'highly qualified' teacher and have a license for the state of Hawaii. Now, it is time for the real world. I have completed my DOE application and right now I am just waiting. I have gone to a few schools and dropped off a hiring packet, so hopefully everything will work out because I really need a job! It is kinda discouraging because the School of Education as been going on and on about their 100% hiring rate and yet here it is June and no job!

Oh well, I have a backup plan just in case, but let's all think JOB!

On my last days, my students surprised me with some gifts! I got two leis, a bunch of drawings, and some candy gifts! It feels so good to be loved :)

I also have a funny story to share: There is a group of boys in my core 4 and they are always an adventure and a hand full- but I love seeing them everyday. On the second to last day, they came in to hang out with me during recess. While they were in we got on the topic of Nutella and how I didn't really like it. The next day they came to hang out again. (I am sitting at my desk and they pull up their chairs to form a circle around my desk!) And one of my students pulls out a thing of Nutella and six slices of bread! He wanted to have a recess snack and share with me. It was so funny and sweet- I even choked down a slice of Nutella bread!

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