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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Saturday Y'all

My computer is a wee bit broken right now, so sadly there will be no flashback this week. But here is a little something to tie you over until my computer gets fixed.

Last night, Matt and a friend of mine, Lacey, met up with me in Mililani after school. Our plans were to eat dinner at Chilie's and then go to the 9:15 Hunger Games. After dinner, we had some time so we headed over to Wal-Mart to get some shopping done... of course we got stuck in the toy section and had ourselves a little bit of fun! Enjoy:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

As always I am proud to be Irish. Click here if you want to learn more about the Fahey's! I was so blessed to be able to travel to Ireland in 2009 to see where my ancestors traveled from. I really need to learn more and hope to have time to do so one day.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Flashback #10

The big 10! This flashback is brought to you by: London Study Abroad 2009. While on study abroad, we went on a nice country hike. While on this hike, I was kept doing this strange pose. I am not quite sure why... but here it is. Most of you won't get it, but I know one person is LOLing right this moment. And for that special someone, here is something a little extra. Memories.


I have been saying this for awhile now, but now I am going to write it! I want to lose weight and get in better shape. There I said it... I am not ashamed... well, a little, but oh well. We are all friends here right? Right? I hope so at least. I was at a good weight about a year and a half ago- so it is possible, and I am young. I want to be -as the Brits would say- fit!

So here is where I am starting, I am NOT going to tell you my starting weight-- that would just send me in a deep depression! And I probably won't tell you how much weight is coming off, but I will share the journey.

Now, if this bores you, don't read it. I just feel it is time to keep myself accountable, and what better way then my through my large following of 11 people!

Matt has been a trouper but the thing about husband (or at least my husband) is he is pretty sweet and is too nice to say uh, honey you are starting to to have 3 chins. Another thing about Matt is he is Asian- meaning small- meaning doesn't really have to worry about what he eats. He could eat a value meal, 5 candy bars, and a soda and LOSE weight, meanwhile, I THINK about eating that and I gain 10 pounds.

So here we are. Here are some goals. I have been talking with my dad about it and I was saying oh I am trying to kick the soda habit and candy and fast food, etc. And he simply said, 'Just do it'. Now, I know it will NOT be that easy, but it's the exact right mindset. Just do it- no excuses. In another conversation we were talking about running and I was complaining about how hard it was. And my dad said 'Well, if it was easy there would be no overweight people.' Now, my dad is freakishly fit and takes pretty good care of himself, but his attitude, while pretty extreme, is what I want to have.

I need to stop justifying the soda (oh my head hurts, or I am tired, or just this last one, etc.) and I need to realize I can NOT eat what my husband eats. Now, I know the tone of this post is a little light hearted, but the message is serious. And this has been extremely hard to admit, not only to myself, but here on my blog. But that is what it is MY BLOG- my personal space- and if I can't be myself here and honest then what am I doing?

So here are my goals:
1. Run at least 4x a week (I have been pretty okay with this- thanks to my dad- this will hopefully increase once I no longer have to both student teach and work at the Reading Writing Center

2. Kick the soda (cold turkey- I can do it)

3. Kick sweets and fast food

4. Eat more fruits and veggies

Four goals sounds like a good start! I know a lot of people say not to rush kicking all your bad habits, but with me it's best because I love to justify and with my personality extreme is better.

Wish me luck and thanks in advance for your support.


Okay, so if you know me at all, you know I don't particularly like these type of signs. Don't get me wrong I like and believe in this phrase whole heartedly... but there are some families that go crazy with these type of signs (no offense to my wonderful sister- she knows I love her!).

However, my mom made Matt and I this sign for Christmas and I LOVE IT! There is something about homemade gifts that just make my day. I know this is a late post but I just needed to share. I am so thankful for my mom taking her time to make this. I think it means so much more now because Matt and I are away from most of our family and sometimes its nice to know that we may be apart now, but we have forever. Plus, it's a nice reminder for Matt and I. I mean with our families eternity is a pretty sweet deal.

Happy Weekend Y'all!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friday Flashback #9

8th Grade Picture (age 13)

The sad thing was I was really proud of this picture- I mean look at those bangs- and the obvious love for my country.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday To The Great Dr. Seuss

Last Friday was Dr. Seuss' birthday. In looking at other blogs and things around school I saw a lot of his quotes... a lot of snippets from his books.... a lot of his famous characters... but what I did not see were excerpts of his political cartoons... YES that's right before writing children's books he wrote political cartoon.... I believe these are where we can a little more to the great Dr. Seuss... reading over a few of my favorite made me think what he would draw and write today!

Enjoy a different side of Seuss:

Maybe it's because I was a history major, but I find these a little more enjoyable.

Rainy Day with Instagram

If you have not noticed I am loving instagram right now. I like it for two reasons:
1. It makes i-phone pictures look a lot better and
2. I have my phone with me everywhere so I can capture great pics. anywhere I go!

So today I had a day off from student teaching due to a furlough and so I had a day to just hang out!

Sadly, my beach day was cancelled due to severe rain showers (i.e.- Laie Flooding), so instead I studied for my last Praxis test, watched some Friends, and played around with my blog.

I also enjoyed a few of these tasty treats today.

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Glimpse Inside Our Home

Crush vs. H2O

Today was my first lacrosse game- well, my first game coaching that is! And it went AWESOME!

I am so happy to be doing this. Although I do not get home Mondays and Fridays until 8:00 and I have to drive into town on Sundays for games, it is the best experience I have ever had.

These girls are great and I love being apart of their lacrosse development. It is great to teach these girls the game that I love so much and to be a part of it again.

Here are some pictures from the game:

I love some of these pictures because you can see the range in size of these girls! My youngest are just 6!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Love'n Lacrosse

I am loving coaching lacrosse enough to sit in this traffic every Monday and Friday afternoon- even after teaching 7th graders all day.

I am coaching 1st-4th graders, which is not my speciality age- as I am certified in secondary education, but being with these girls every Monday and Friday evening makes up for Honolulu's horrendous traffic!

Our first game is tomorrow and I will post more pictures of my team!

Friday Flashback #8

This particular flashback took place my junior year of high school, in the year 2004.

I was staying with my grandparents because my parents were in China picking up this little Chinese cutie:

I woke up early that morning and actually got ready for seminary (an action that rarely happened). I was going to seminary because it was my turn to bring breakfast for my seminary class. So, I woke up, got ready- including doing my hair- and headed out the door.

At this time in my life, I was driving my first car Midnight, a black 1998 Dodge Intrepid. (May She Rest in Peace) This car belonged to my grandparents, and they graciously gave it to me when I got my license. I got into my car and started driving. I noticed that the steering wheel really didn't want to turn, but I thought oh the car is probably warming up.... ????? I know not too bright, but I kept driving.

I made it all the way out of the neighborhood and down the street a bit doing okay, but then I had to make a right turn and I could barely turn the wheel!!!! Something was NOT right. So I entered another neighborhood so I could find a driveway to turn around in.... NOT a good idea! I pulled into these people's drive way and could not make the turn to back out.... I could not get my car out of the driveway! At this point, it is raining hard.... there is a black car trying to go past me.... I am stuck halfway in the road- halfway in the random people's driveway.... and a school bus is behind the black car waiting to take children to school!!!

I panic, which of course means CRY! I then get out of the car and start sobbing to the man in the black car about the problem I am having!

I then do probably the stupidest and the most unsafe thing I have ever done in my life within the next two minutes!

The "nice" man (how could I really know he was nice) offered to back my car out so it would not block the street and then he offered to take me home (how could I count that I would make it home)! Those thoughts in the paraphrases should have been going in my mind!!!! BUT THEY WERE NOT!

I said thanks as I continued to cry and hopped in his car! Now, I did learn the same lessons you all did at one point in your lives... you know Stranger Danger... Don't get in a car with a stranger... etc!!! I just was in panic mode and forgot all that I had learned! I GOT IN THE CAR!!!!

And to make it worse, I did not even look at the man's face so if something did happen I would have never been able to identify him!!!!!

Luckily, he really was a nice man and I did make it back to my grandparents house where I explained to my Papa what happened and he promptly yelled at me and then asked- why did you not call me?


My Papa then took me back to the scene of the incident and he drove my car and I drove his truck back to his house. My power steering had gone out. Which made me thankful I am driving in an age that there is power steering... cause that baby was hard to turn!

And that is the closest I have come to being taken.... well, at least where I completely forgot about the safety of myself!

Of course, when my parents got back I got another lecture about human trafficking and what men do to pretty high school girls... there might have even been a powerpoint presentation....

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Joys of Being A Big Sister

Happy Leap Day

Man I am so excited for this month to be over! I feel like for being the shortest month out of the year, February has moved like a sloth! VERY SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY! I don't know if this is because student teaching is extremely tiring, if I am anxious to see my best friend, anxious to see my brother, or what... but it has been a slow one!

On the up side, I started coaching lacrosse and I am loving it! There is nothing better than little first- fourth graders running around with lacrosse sticks and goggles! Every Monday and Friday I head into town and coach for an hour and a half! It is great fun, and I love being a part of the sport again.

Another up side, I only have four more weeks in student teaching before I have a three week break!!!!! On this break my best friend Beth will be coming out for a visit... I will be flying to CA to see my brother and dad... and I going to Utah for a wedding and to hopefully see some London friends... and eat Chick-fil-A!

I hope your February's were great and you relished the oh so rare leap year!