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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Leap Day

Man I am so excited for this month to be over! I feel like for being the shortest month out of the year, February has moved like a sloth! VERY SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY! I don't know if this is because student teaching is extremely tiring, if I am anxious to see my best friend, anxious to see my brother, or what... but it has been a slow one!

On the up side, I started coaching lacrosse and I am loving it! There is nothing better than little first- fourth graders running around with lacrosse sticks and goggles! Every Monday and Friday I head into town and coach for an hour and a half! It is great fun, and I love being a part of the sport again.

Another up side, I only have four more weeks in student teaching before I have a three week break!!!!! On this break my best friend Beth will be coming out for a visit... I will be flying to CA to see my brother and dad... and I going to Utah for a wedding and to hopefully see some London friends... and eat Chick-fil-A!

I hope your February's were great and you relished the oh so rare leap year!

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