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Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome To Hawaii

As most of you know Matt and I will be moving to Hawaii after we get married to finish school. So with moving to Hawaii means dealing with HOUSING in Hawaii...

Which means sketchy property managers... or sketchy landladies.... or even sketchy landmen....

Since April we have been searching for a little place near Laie so we can live near campus... and since April we have found nothing and nothing and nothing!

requirements were a full kitchen (since a partial kitchen in Hawaii means a hot plate and mini fridge)... washer and dryer.... internet... and parking
and to be honest I can live without internet as much as it pains me to say!
I mean our list is not that big and should not be a big deal.... but again you must remember we are dealing with HAWAII!!!

Finally, two weeks ago we found a place and seemed great- it had everything we wanted. So we called and George (the owner) sounded cool and said he was going to send the contract... but then he didn't. So of course I followed up and then he said he was going to send the contract for real this time... and he did... and we had it signed and overnighted within a day... and then I followed up.... and then he e-mailed me and said he had gotten a deposit from someone else so he will be sending our check back....


So we lost the house and still have no place to stay! BOO