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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top 10 in Hollywood 2010

Okay it's time for the long awaited annual 'Hollywood's Top 10 Hottest Guys' - Alex Fahey style!

If you need a refresher to my 2009 list here is the link:

2010 Hottest Guys in Hollywood

1. Well it' no surprise that this year my number 1 pick is again Colin Firth! Really I feel like there is no need for an explanation of why I have chosen him again... I mean look at that at picture! And don't worry the age difference does not matter to me... but his wife does! "I love acting!"

2. Now I don't know how Mr. Jovi missed last year's list but Jon Bon Jovi is my #2! And again age difference smage difference! But again happily married... boo!

3. Mark Harmon: Well need I say more! I don't know how he missed the list but I just love him. And if it is not clear I do have a thing for older men!

4. James Franco: I feel like he is under the radar but I think he deserves a little attention! I mean look at that face- plus he is really funny!

5.Now I know he cheated on his wife, but this Bones star is just too cute to pass up on my list. David Boreanaz is just one of those guys that I would not say no to :) Plus, I love Bones and Booth is my favorite character.

6. Yum to Robert Downey, Jr. Iron Man II was the best movie to watch this year! I don't care if he had his problems in the past- I would take him. Question: How old is he? I am afraid to check!

7. John Krasinski - Now I had mixed feelings about him this year because I find his expressions eerily like my brother Joe and it kinda freaked me out. But alas, he was too cute to not put on here!

8. Liam Neason: I mean need I say more. And please, don't comment on my older man fix- I know it's sick.

9. I blame this one on daytime television and my job so it's really not my fault! But this years #9 goes to Travis Stork- aka the host of The Doctors on t.v. But I do judge him a little because he was on The Bachelor.. but made it up a little because he did date Carrie Underwood.

10. Mark Salling- who? Puck- oh! Oh yeah! I mean he can sing.. he can dance... and he has a Mohawk- what more can I want... and I think he is around my age?? This Gleekster has made my list!

Well, like always I hope you enjoy my Top 10 in Hollywood! What do you think? Who would you put on your list?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


New favorite group: FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE

I mean she is from London and pretty alternative so really what's not to love.

The whole album 'Lungs' is great.. so check it out.


This song is my favorite so far. Enjoy!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Last week I took a mini vacation to go down to Florida to see my cousins and aunt and uncle. I had three days off work so I thought it would be fun to go see them.

So I left Wednesday afternoon to start my drive early. And armed with my books on audio I headed down to Florida listening to the riveting tale of 'Breathe of Scandal' by Sandra Brown on book on CD! Ha and let me tell you audio books are the funniest thing and great to pass the time.

That week was spent hanging out at the pool and going to St. Augustine- it was so much fun and great to see my cousins!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

London Baby

So as most of my Fall 2009 London Study Abroad buddies have noted it has been a year since we all arrived at the BYU Centre at 27 Palace Court. I really can't believe that a year ago I was climbing the hundred stairs leading up to the attic for the first time.... or meeting my attic buddies for the first time!

First, I miss the friends I made in jolly ole London.

I miss the coach rides with Tony- even with Dr. Paxman and Tony talking pretty much the whole time about endless facts.

I miss Costa's with Jenny.

I miss the Tube.

I miss strange guys hitting on me and Jenny by telling us we are fit.

I miss seeing exciting sites and going into a bookstore in almost every town.

I miss walking to Subway almost everyday.

I miss walking around with Jenny.

Running in Hyde park.

I even miss the Wandsworth ward and teaching Gospel Doctrine!

Oh yes and I miss Lion bars!


It's strange that a year ago I was traveling across England soaking up as much as I could and now I am planning a wedding - a year sure seems like a long time!

Here's to you London! I can't wait to go back with Matt and show him my favorite spots!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


A couple weeks ago Matt and I had our engagement shoot! After a minor freak out with our photographer we realized she was not the one we wanted for our pictures and luckily a friend of my mom offered to take our engagements and my bridal pictures! It was so nice of Deanna Fiveash (the new photographer) to step in and help us out since we had to get the engagements done!
We went to the Roswell Mill one afternoon to take some pictures- I wanted a fall theme to the photos since our wedding is in late Fall. Although, it is hard to pull off late Fall when it is mid-summer in Atlanta and 100 + degrees and 100% humidity! We were both in pants and heavier shirts and by the time we stepped out of the car we were already sweating!

This is when Deanna told us to do something cute where we preceded to just laugh

I feel like we took hundreds of photos but here are the highlights- I know there is an album on facebook but these are the ones I love the best! And please feel free to note how freakishly pale I am compared to Matt!

I love this one- but I didn't want to choose one with just my face showing
This was the pinnacle of us being so sweaty and hot- I had to pull my hair up! But I do love this one! Plus, everyone that knows us knows we really are just a t-shirt and jeans couple- shoot lets be honest a t-shirt and sweat pant couple!

I saw this idea in a magazine and I think it turned out very well

Anyway, there are the highlights- hope you enjoyed! And many many thanks to Deanna Fiveash- these pictures turned out great. I don't think you can tell at all that I was sweating like crazy!

Oh and funny story about the shoe one on top- I looked at it and I said, "Matt, you stand like I do!" And he said, "Oh, I just saw your feet were turned in so I did it." And I was like oh hmmm well I can't really stand normal in pictures! hehe Jenny you should know all about that!