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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

A Mother's Day Shout out to some of the best Momma's I know! Each and every one of you have touched and helped me at some part of this crazy adventure that is my life :) You know the phrase "It takes a village"? Well, this is what my family is like, especially the women! My Abuela, Aunt Nickie, Aunt Sara, and of course my Mommy have all done so much for me these last 23 years and I am so thankful and blessed to have them in my life! LUV AND KISSES TO ALL OF YOU!

Weeks of Traveling

On May 23rd I am going home (sans the ball and chain). Joe and Malia are graduating from Sprayberry High School and Jud and Olivia are getting baptized... FOUR great reasons/ excuses to go home! Unfortunetly, Matt is taking classes right now and his finals are at the same time as graduation and we could not justify spending $800 to come home for 24 hours so I will be making the journey alone. Although, I am sad he can't come and I AM SO EXCITED TO GO HOME!

I am going to... see a movie with my sister and best friend, Beth... eat at Chick-fil-a.... enjoy having AC in my house... and just have an all around great time with my family!

I fly home on June 3rd only to turn around on the 6th and fly to D.C! I got accepted into a career connect program in D.C. This program allows students to interview with companies in the city so get the foot in the door. I am so excited to go and see D.C... plus, hopefully I will be able to J Money while I am there! I leave D.C. on the 10th and come back to Hawaii.

That is about 17,000 miles racked up in a little over 3 weeks! But I am so happy to be able to do these things and have such a supportive ball and chain to not be mad or upset that I am going home, or doing the career connect!

In other good news my youngese brother, Jud, will be coming back with me from Atlanta to spend a couple weeks with Matt and I! We are so excited!