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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Last Month Or So!

So I have been very bad about updating my blog... but I have been planning a wedding so sue me!

But here is what has been going on for the last month. Late October my maid of honor Beth threw me a 'Mocktail' shower! It turned out so beautiful and was so great to see all my friends from high school there. We played some games and one was to see how well I knew Matt- lucky for me I know him very well and passed the game with flying colors! Many thanks to Beth for a wonderful shower!
The next big thing that was on the menu was HALLOWEEN! This year I was Sarah Palin, Matt was a dead moose, and Malia was Dancing With The Stars Bristol Palin! I think it turned out pretty funny... Matt's costume was the best- his mom made it for him! Malia's dress was freakishly short which I think just added to the costume... meanwhile the suit I wore was huge, I didn't have bangs but I think it turned out okay... and people got the message!
This was everyone else- just check out that cute banana!

On the 6th of November my Aunt Sara threw me another shower. This one was with family and church friends of the family. This was a kitchen theme and I got tons of new recipes that Matt and I can try! I don't have any pictures of this one but it was so beautiful-everything was in the wedding colors so it was great! At this one they played a game called 'How well do you know the bride.' My mom was excluded because she was there when I was giving the answers... but Beth won that game- which was what I expected! Jenny I need to get the questions to see how well you would do- Beth got ten out of twenty right!

The last couple of weeks have been pretty boring... just wedding wedding wedding! I picked up my dress... had a walk through at the Trolley Barn- ordered the candy for the favors...etc! Matt's grandma came in town a week ago so that was exciting!

But this last weekend we went up to Nashville to go to the temple. It was nice to have my family with me this weekend. Here are a few pictures... but they are not the greatest as the sun was right in our eyes.

Anyway, that's that! And now we are in the week of the wedding! So exciting! And Jenny comes tomorrow!