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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top 10 in Hollywood 2010

Okay it's time for the long awaited annual 'Hollywood's Top 10 Hottest Guys' - Alex Fahey style!

If you need a refresher to my 2009 list here is the link:

2010 Hottest Guys in Hollywood

1. Well it' no surprise that this year my number 1 pick is again Colin Firth! Really I feel like there is no need for an explanation of why I have chosen him again... I mean look at that at picture! And don't worry the age difference does not matter to me... but his wife does! "I love acting!"

2. Now I don't know how Mr. Jovi missed last year's list but Jon Bon Jovi is my #2! And again age difference smage difference! But again happily married... boo!

3. Mark Harmon: Well need I say more! I don't know how he missed the list but I just love him. And if it is not clear I do have a thing for older men!

4. James Franco: I feel like he is under the radar but I think he deserves a little attention! I mean look at that face- plus he is really funny!

5.Now I know he cheated on his wife, but this Bones star is just too cute to pass up on my list. David Boreanaz is just one of those guys that I would not say no to :) Plus, I love Bones and Booth is my favorite character.

6. Yum to Robert Downey, Jr. Iron Man II was the best movie to watch this year! I don't care if he had his problems in the past- I would take him. Question: How old is he? I am afraid to check!

7. John Krasinski - Now I had mixed feelings about him this year because I find his expressions eerily like my brother Joe and it kinda freaked me out. But alas, he was too cute to not put on here!

8. Liam Neason: I mean need I say more. And please, don't comment on my older man fix- I know it's sick.

9. I blame this one on daytime television and my job so it's really not my fault! But this years #9 goes to Travis Stork- aka the host of The Doctors on t.v. But I do judge him a little because he was on The Bachelor.. but made it up a little because he did date Carrie Underwood.

10. Mark Salling- who? Puck- oh! Oh yeah! I mean he can sing.. he can dance... and he has a Mohawk- what more can I want... and I think he is around my age?? This Gleekster has made my list!

Well, like always I hope you enjoy my Top 10 in Hollywood! What do you think? Who would you put on your list?



    With that said, Of course I agree with Colin: He is even more beautiful in person. And who cares about the age difference? But the wife issue is a bit of a concern. And may I just say that I love this picture of him.

    Bon Jovi: I know you have your thing for him. And he is pretty good-looking. I like to call him the modern day Dorian Gray - He doesn't actually age!! And of course, this will always remind me of when we were in the HRC in Dublin.

    Mark Harmon: He is handsome, and again, you have a thing for older guys.

    James Franco: OH MY GOSH! I'm so happy that you think he is cute too, because I think he is adorable! Did I tell you that a guy in my ward looks a bit like him?

    David B: No words can describe how beautiful I think he is. Where is my Booth?

    RDJ: Shoot, I'd tap that. Although I'm not the biggest fan of the picture. I like him a lot more with darker hair. Just saying. (And FYI - he's 45.)

    John Krasinski: Can't stand him, so this will be the first guy that I have to disagree with. I find him annoying, and not that good-looking. How he is married to Emily Blunt I will never understand. And I'm sure that you can't wait to see him portray Ethan in Something Borrowed.

    Liam Neason: You and your older men!! But he is pretty cute.

    Travis Stork: Hot. And the fact that he's a doctor just adds to the hottness.

    Mark Salling: I think he's cute.

    Instead of having JK, LN, TS, and MS, I would have Ben Affleck (you know how much I love him), Jon Hamm, Henry Cavill, and Eric Dane.

  2. Oh, and in addition to forgetting Anderson Cooper, I also forgot Bradley...Cooper. Hmmm. All of these Coopers! But I'm not sure who I would take out to put them in. I will have to think about this.

  3. Ummm....where was Top 10 for 2011 and 2012? Besides Friday Flashbacks, Top 10 is my favorite post.

  4. Jenny, I am so sorry for being a slacker I will make it up to you. I promise


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- Alex