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Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Flashback #18

When I was a kid I never really said bad words (or at least not to my knowledge)... EXCEPT one word. Now, I am not quite sure how this word came to be part of my basic vocabulary at such a young age (I think the earliest use was around the age of 3)... but I know that some of my most strongest memories as a child involve this word. At this point you are probably wondering WHAT WORD!!!! 

Bastard - yup that's the word. Strange I know, but I used to say it when I was little and I really didn't know why it was bad. I think my mom told me what a bastard was, but I couldn't make the connection of why that would make it a bad word. 

Anyway, at some point I got over my use of saying bastard a lot (i.e. Calling my dog Missy a bastard because she ate my Valentine's Day cards I was to give to my classmates.) 

Until one fateful day at my Abuela and Papa's house.... At the start of second grade, I started playing softball and we had a weird team name. One that was really hard for me to remember. The only way I could remember the name was by thinking of a movie that had just come out to theaters... The Little Rascals. Yup, that was my team name Lil' Rascals. 

When people asked me what my team name was it would take me forever to remember the name. I would have to think of the movie and then I could say the team name. 

Okay, this is where things get dicey. I was in the kitchen with my Abuela and she was asking me about softball and school. And she asked the question: Alex, so what's your team name? 

And I thought really hard and I remembered the movie and then I said: The Little Bastards! 

My Abuela just looked at me and then just started laughing. No, not laughing... she was in instant hysterics! 

I was so embarrassed; I turned  bright red and then started crying. Man why oh why did I say Little Bastards???? I thought I was reformed, I never said that word anymore!! It was miserable! But in my defense- who names a team the lit' rascals! Good Grief! 

To this day, my family cannot tell this story without going into hysterics! Hope you enjoyed and at least gave you a good laugh. 

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