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Friday, January 6, 2012

The Newest Member of the Fahey Ho Family

Don't get too excited... or worried for us- the newest member of our family is not actually a person, but a thing. The last month I got some graduation money and we got some Christmas money so we decided to buy ourselves a big present. And we decided to buy a camera. Now we were given a camera last Christmas and we love it, but we wanted a more professional camera to start learning on. Well, Matt wanted to learn- I don't think I have the patience for learn how to take good pictures. To me if it is not crooked I am doing good and let's face it even that can be fixed with photo shop!

So Matt and I bought a Canon Rebel T3i and so far so good. We have not taken any pictures yet; Matt is still busy reading the user manual. While this was a larger purchase, we felt good about buying it- plus we got it on sale so that's always good. I will make sure I put some of our pictures up soon.

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