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Monday, January 16, 2012

And the Winner Is.... 2012 Golden Globes

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Award Show Season! Wednesday was the People's Choice (while not my favorite- I still watched it) and Sunday was the Golden Globe Awards. I like this one because it is a good indicator of how the Academy's will play out. I also love the casual feel of the Golden Globes and of course I love to see people get all dressed up. My close friend over at A Day n the Life of an Award Show Junkie is really good at predicting the outcomes of these award shows; however, I am too swayed by my emotions to really be able to accurately predict these things. Because of this I only blog about the fashion that I see- and this I don't even do that well. I am know fashion expert- I do not know the seasonal fashion trends and all the other little details that go into what the stars are wearing- I just know what I like- and here is what I have to say:

My top 10 worst outfits of the night:

Sharon Osburn- sorry to me this looks like curtains turn into a dress- and while I like the sleeves and think that is age appropriate- I thought with her frame the dress could have been slimmer.
Piper Perabo- While I loved the color (I saw a lot of nude and blushes this year), I did not like the huge bell skirt or the translucent/ sheer top.
Julianna Margulies- Don't know what to say about this- hate the color, the sleeves, the neckline, even the shape.
Sarah Michelle Gellar- Now I loved the style, but just hate the colors- though I do think this is a good example of a small girl finding a large skirt bottom that fits well and does not take her over.
Tilda Swinton- This was just bizarre
Julianne Moore- I love the classic black, love that she matched it with green jewelry, but I hate the first tier of the dress- I think if it was any shorter like, Madeleine Stowe, then it would have worked, but to me it looks like a mini dress with an added layer.
Lea Michele- Love the color and texture of the bottom- Hate the strange mermaid top.
Maya Rudolph- This just does not do justice to her body type, and it looks a little to high school homecoming.

Emily Deschanel- I love Emily; I love the color. But I hate this style. It almost looks a little too informal and I am hardly ever a fan of one sleeve.
Tina Fey- Like the color, but I think the feather look is a little overdone and this really did nothing for her shape. I would have liked to see a little more emphasis on her wonderful curves.

My top 10 awesome looks of the night:

Claire Danes- I loved this so much you needed to see both sides. Classic in the front and beautiful in the back. And the read lips- AMAZING!

Sophia Vergara- Let's be honest this woman could pull off a trash bag. But I love the way you can see her curves. I love the bottom detail and the color is amazing. And I love that she kept it simple with her hair.

Madeleine Stowe- This is what I thought Julianne Moore was shooting for in terms of the first tier. This was the perfect length. I love everything about this - the color, the detail in the back... everything!

Charlize Theron- LOVE IT! STUNNING! Really what can I say that the picture is not!

Madonna- Now I don't think this picture does this dress justice, but when she was on stage it was stunning. It is so unique and I love the way she looks in it.

Salma Heyek- HOT! I love the metallic detail.

Kate Beckinsale- Pretty classic and standard. But I love the color and the neckline.

Emma Stone- Beautiful. The color is great and I love the material, the waist detail. Good Choice. I love it because she is willing to take some risks, as we saw at the People's Choice when she rocked the Gucci suit.

Reese Witherspoon- Pretty basic red carpet dress, but Reese is rocking it!

Julie Bowen- Now I had mixed feelings about this all night. Did I love it? Hate it? What? Well I love it. Color is great. The lace sleeves are perfect. Has a nice shape. I only wish she would have pulled her hair up. It is a classic dress.

Almost Theres:
These Jessica's came close to hitting the mark, but not close enough. Jessica Beil- loved the lacy old look she was shooting for, but the top looked a little too old lady.

This just looked a little too prom to me.

Best Suited For Age:

This is perfect for a young girl!

I wish I had seen Meryl Streep in something closer to what Helen Mirren was wearing. Meryl looked to baggy.

Lovely Ladies with a Little More Meat on Their Bones:

I loved Octavia Spencer's look. I did not like the color, but I love the fit of the dress for her body. I just wish I would see Michelle McCarthy take a chance like this. For the Globes and the Emmy's she was wearing stuff that hid her body, not embraced it!

Couples of the Night:

There are just two that I wanted to mention.

The Wonderful Deschanel Sisters- While I didn't like Emily's dress- I love these two together.

I had to have a shout out to Brad and Angelina! LOVE THEM!

OKAY so as you can probably tell I am no expert. But I enjoy doing this and that's what counts! What did you think of the night?

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  1. one thing i noticed about the not-so-awesome dresses was that i was scrolling down and thinking "this one isn't so bad" and then i saw the whole thing and was like "ew." kind of funny.


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