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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Things You Need To Know About Me

I saw this type of post a while ago on one of my favorite blogs over at LLM. I thought it was a pretty great idea. I mean it's exactly what you guys were hoping for- me to share MORE about myself! Well, you are in for a treat.

Here Are Some Facts You Should Know About Me...
(J Money I would like to extend a challenge- How many of these facts did you already know about me!)

1. My first name is Mary. I don't really hate the name Mary, but I really am more of an Alex.

2. Speaking of Alex. I hate when people say: Alex is a boy's name. Especially when they are first meeting me! Rude! In fact, in high school my freshman Geography teacher Ms. Paul would only call me Mary Alex because she said Alex was a boy's name. I think Mary Alex is worse because it makes me sound like a nun!

3. Speaking of nuns- I used to want to be Catholic. Although, if I was going to leave the church I would just leave church in general and be free.

4. This one is important: I LOVE CHAPSTICK! Correction- I am addicted to Chapstick. This addiction started junior year of high school. I eat with Chapstick, sleep with Chapstick, carry Chapstick everywhere, you probably won't ever see me without Chapstick. I think I use Chapstick every 30 minutes, and that is a liberal estimation.

4. I still sleep with my childhood blanket.

5. I call this blanket Babushka. And anytime I travel it goes with me; in fact, it is the first thing I pack! I also carry this blanket around the house. I sit on the couch with it... wear it around my neck. I even do this strange thing and hold it to my face while sitting with it. When I sleep, I wrap it around my head to cover my eyes.

6. I am addicted to Cherry Coke. Coke will do, but Cherry Coke is where it is at. This is an addiction that I have been struggling with for probably 22 years. I have tried to kick my habit, but don't really want too. Although, I have switched to Cherry Coke Zero.

7. I love to travel! I did a study abroad in England, and can't wait to travel again.

8. My favorite food is turkey sandwiches... most think it is pizza, but it's turkey sandwiches!

9. I once stole a Hansen poster in a teen magazine when I was in fifth grade. My mom would not buy the magazine for me so I went into the store bathroom with the magazine and took the poster out and then put the magazine back and walked out with my poster.

10. I don't eat chicken off the bone- in fact any animal on the bone.

11. I am very organized- very- very- very

12. I love t.v. In fact, I watch shows I don't really like just because I like to watch t.v. (I.E. Switched at Birth)

13. I read trashy novels and I am not even ashamed.

14. My favorite group is Simon and Garfunkel.

15. When I was 3, I had an alter ego name Christy. I would go out into my grandparents garage and knock on the door. When my Abuela would answer she would say OH CHRISTY! So nice to see you. Then we would play in Christy's world. Everyone in my family had another name. Abuela was Lucy Goosie, Papa- Smok'n Joe, my Aunt Nickie- Birtha Butt, and my mom was Maude. Christy's parents died in a plane crash on their way to the Bahamas. (Incidentally, my parents were flying to the Bahamas when Christy was created.) Now, I must state- Christy was NOT an imaginary friend, but an alter ego. When I knocked on my Abuela's door I WAS Christy.

16. I am afraid of the dark- sometimes when I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I either hold it... or I RUN to the bathroom.

17. My favorite color is red, but I usually buy pink things (pink laptop case, etc).

18. I would leave my husband for Colin Firth... well maybe not leave... stray... haha no probably leave- Colin is my soulmate

19. I hate the Mormon culture- I think it's very restrictive and narrow minded. It's NOT the church I hate, but some of the people and the culture they insist must be a part of the religion. It really sours my feelings on being a part of church activities because I feel very much on the outside. I feel this culture does not credit women all that much and puts this insane pressure that doing what God wants means getting married right out of high school and raising children. When in fact, we can do so much more and God is happy with that as well. It's a strange culture that my children will not be raised in because I was not raised to think this way. (Sorry to get all serious.)

20. I am NOT morning person. Well really, I do not like to be woken up. In fact, no one in my family, including my husband, ever want to be the one to wake me up. I usually am really really mean. In fact, one night Matt woke me up getting into bed and I said, in a really nasty voice, "Ugh, you stink!" Matt then spent the rest of the night on our couch!

21. I have been collecting shot glasses ever since I was 12. I have over 250.

Well, there are 21 things you need to know! Hope you enjoyed them!


Thanks for taking the time to comment- I appreciate and read each and every one of them. All replies will be in the comment section, please check back to read them!

- Alex