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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Late Halloween

Last year for Halloween I was Sarah Palin and Matt was a Moose... this year we were nothing and it was pretty lame. At first I was okay with not dressing up because I was pretty excited to just pass out candy and carve our pumpkins- and then I realized Halloween was on a Monday and Matt works Monday nights! It was really depressing- and to add to that we had ZERO trick or treaters. Apparently in Laie, all the kids justgo to one street and everyone else just parks and has a truck or treat, but since we didn't know that Matt and I had 7 bags of candy untouched!!!!

Even though we didn't spend all of Halloween together and did
n't get one tricker or treater we still managed to have some fun. We carved our pumpkins, made gingerbread graveyard, and went to the Haunted Lagoon. Overall, it was a great Halloween- at least we were together!

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