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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Eat the Street: Travel Tuesdays {A Link Up}

This week I wanted to share something that is truly amazing about the island of Oahu: Eat the Street

Mmmmm... doesn't it just sound good?!? 

Every month food trucks from around the island meet for one night and have this amazing food truck rally. Matt and I found out about this by chance when I saw the signs for Eat the Street Mililani back in March. We decided it sounded like fun and because I knew the Mililani area really well we decided to go. From that night on, we were sold. Eat the Street is amazing. If you are living on the island, or happening to be visiting while one is going on- go to it! 

The food is really good, and the atmosphere is even better. Each month there is a theme to the rally and the vendors usually add one item to the menu to go with the theme. 

When my cousins came for a visit, I decided we needed to go. This month the theme was Cheese. 

Here are some of the food trucks we tried this time around-

 *Note- we pretty much took turns buying certain items and then we all shared what we bought. This allowed us to buy a lot of food and try a little bit of a lot of things. And if we wanted something specifically for ourselves we just went and bought another. I think this works best because you can try so much more food this way. 

{Sushi Sliders- Everyone loved these. I don't like sushi, but I tried them and surprise surprise I didn't like these. This was the most expensive thing bought and it was around $7 for 4 sliders that included fish.}  

 {Literally a waffel corn dog- Pretty good and $3.00} 

 {Oh the Pop Pop Donuts- Matt and I had these last time and oh so good! And cheap I want to say around $3-4. You can get sugar, powdered sugar, or cinnamon sugar.} 
 {No food- just a cute picture of Jake and I} 

 {Jessie got the banana lumpia and Sarah got the pork one} 

 {Mmmmm Banana Lumpia- I sunk a bite or two. I actually get really sick when I eat banana. All I can handle is about two bites before I can hardly walk. This was a real treat because I love bananas. I know if Matt had been with us- I wouldn't have even got this bite.} 

{Waffle Cakes- To me this was more like a pancake sandwich. I had the "Threesome"- it was just 3 types of cheese and it was delicious. It was so filling and only $3} 

 {Jessie and I tried the French Macaroons and they were okay. Very expensive, and I must admit after actually having macaroons in France- I'm a snob.} 

{Lemonade- This was actually one of the most expensive things we bought I think it was $6, and I can't remember where I bought it from. I think it's the place that bacon wraps everything. They have all sorts of different flavors. It's expensive, but it's good.} 

{The four of us after stuffing our faces full of food.} 

We also tried Paul's Poppers. Matt and I had these last time and they were so good. I had to get them this time. I don't have a picture of the booth, but just look for the yellow sign. 

Seriously, this is one of the coolest things to do if you're on the island. There are so many food trucks, and everything I have tried has been delicious. If you want to see what Matt and I tried when we went in March just click here. I am so glad I got to take Jessie, Jake, and Sarah. 

My only tip is to get there early. Parking is so crazy. We got there right at 4 and the parking lot was already full. We had a hard time finding parking, so if this bothers you shoot for 3:30. If you click the first link to Eat the Street you can find information for the next one. October's theme is Octoberfest. 

What do you think? Are you a lover or hater of food trucks? Does your town have something like this each month? Please share your comments below! 

If you have missed any other of my Travel Tuesdays just click here to get all caught up. Many thanks to Bonnie and Belinda for the weekly link-up. 


  1. I dunno how, but we lived in Hawaii for 2.5 years and NEVER went to Eat the Street.

    1. Chantal- Don't feel too bad. I lived there for two years without ever knowing about this. I just happened to see it coming to Mililani- if not I would never have known. But I'm sorry you missed out on this.

  2. Stop with the food pics, I'm getting hungry! : )

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  3. Replies
    1. Tina- it was awesome! I'm sure there are wonderful street fairs where you guys live.


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