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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Seoul Grand Park: Seoul Zoo

Last weekend Matt and I traveled to Seoul for the very first time. We decided to go visit Seoul Grand Park, specifically Seoul Zoo. 

{Main street of the park. There are vendors all lined up along the sidewalk. If you want to eat cheaply before the zoo- eat here.} 

Seoul Grand Park is home of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, the Zoo, and the Gwacheon National Science Museum. 

Matt and I planned to leave our house around 11 to be able to see the zoo and the museum, but of course we slept in late and we just had time for the zoo. 

Seoul Zoo
Price: For the tram ride to the zoo, the ticket in, and the sky lift out of the zoo it was 8,000 won per ticket. *You can just walk into the zoo for free and if that's the case the zoo ticket is just 3,000 won.
Location: Seoul Grand Park (Take subway line 4 and take that stop exit 2) 
Time: 5 hours 

The Seoul Zoo is the 10th largest in the world, and they have loads of different types of exhibits. Matt and I had a pretty good day going through the zoo. I don't really know how to compare it to a stateside zoo because I haven't been to one in a while. I feel like I was a lot closer to the animals here than in zoos in America. At one point, I could literally put my hand in the fence and touch the animals. {I didn't- but I could have.} 

{There was a vendor selling all sorts of headbands and I really needed this one. I am proud to say I wore it the whole day throughout the zoo.} 

The zoo has tons and tons of animals. We were there for about five hours and we didn't see all the animals. There are a lot of shows throughout the day, but the last one is around 3:30. So if you want to see the dolphin show or the petting zoo or whatever- go in the morning. The plus side with going in the late afternoon was that the crowds had gone, so I guess it depends on what you like. 

What we learned was that you should see what you want to see before 6 because they start bringing in the animals in for the night around that time. I really wanted to see the primates but we didn't make it until 6 and all I saw were the butts of the baboons as they made their way into the shelter. 

I did get to spend some time with this guy though, and it kinda made up for it. 

Matt and I took the sky lift back to the main gate, and it was a perfect end to our trip. It was great not having to walk back and the view was perfect. 

 {That's the trolley you take to the park.} 

{That's Seoulland- we are going there this weekend. It's just one exit up from Seoul Grand Park.} 

Matt and I plan on going back to Seoul Grand Park for the museum. I don't think we will go to the zoo again, but I'm glad we at least tried it. And for 8,000 won why not! 

So, do you guys like zoos? Would you go to the zoo in your city?

Side Note: The whole time I was at the zoo this is what was running through my head:

PS- Tomorrow I'll be guest posting over at Found Love Now What, so go check it out! 


  1. Replies
    1. Deanna, Thanks so much. I had a blast wearing it all day.

  2. Hi, I've nominated you for a Liebster award because I love your blog. Check out my related post.


    1. Ahhhh thanks so much!!!! I'll head over there right now!

  3. You are totally rocking that bow!
    Looks like a gorgeous zoo!
    Tammy x

    1. Thanks Tammy. I am thinking about wearing it anytime we go to a theme park, but maybe I'll just a new one. And the zoo was pretty cool- it had tons of animals.

  4. How cool! I'm a new follower from Found Love, Now What? We're headed to Korea in a few months :D


    1. Chantal, I am so glad you made your way over from Found Love Now What! Are you moving to Korea or is this just a visit?

  5. Love the headband! So fun! The Chinese Zoo was the same way...I 'could' have totally pet the tiger cubs and other animals...of course I didn't. haha You could also pay money and feed certain animals (like the tigers). Looks like you two had a great zoo date!

    1. Thanks Saxon. They had a petting zoo set up with the kangaroos, but we missed the show times. We did have a good date night. I was so surprised how big the zoo was!


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