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Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday's Letters #7

Dear Seoul, Matt and I had such a good time explore just a little bit of your big city. We can't wait to travel back and see even more. We now know why everyone laughed at us when we commented on how big the city is we live in. Seoul is huge! Dear North Korea, we had such a blast briefly stepping into your boarders. It was a bit surreal being so close to you! {More to come our DMZ tour later.} 

Dear Matt, You continue to surprise me. I love that you go out for one thing, and come back with these adorable toothbrush holders. You make me laugh. Don't ever change. 

Dear B, I am so happy for you and Mr. E! I am so excited that you are engaged and can't wait to help start planning your big day. {The 4,000 + miles will not get in my way- trust me!} I really wish I could be there with you every step of the way, but at least we have skype. Congrats you guys! 

Dear Friday, Thanks again for coming so soon. 

Love, Alex 

P.S.- It's already week 7 of these letters! Can you believe it? 


  1. Love the toothbrush holders!! Too funny!! North Korea? Wow! Can't wait to hear all you've been up to!

    1. Thanks Tina- they are pretty cute and very convenient!

  2. Those toothbrush holders are THE BEST! I want to get similar ones that are shaped like whales :) Wasn't the DMZ totally strange--like all the Disneyfied signs and things? I was also totally unprepared with how beautiful it would be. Can't wait to read more about your experience!

    1. Yeah the DMZ was a weird place. It was really beautiful just how wild all the surrounding forest area was. It was weird seeing that with a bunch of barbed wire around it. And whale toothbrush holders? So cute.


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