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Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Day in Everland

Last Thursday, Matt and I went to the big theme park here in Korea called Everland. It's kinda like a mix between Six Flags and DisneyWorld. We had heard that since it was Chuseok {Korean Thanksgiving} we would get discounted tickets and the park would not be that crowded. 

So here's what we learned: Yes, the tickets were discounted {normal ticket price 45,000 Won- Chuseok Foreigner discount 25,000 Won} 

And, No, The park will not be less crowded. It will be at max capacity. Everything we read said going on the actual day of Chuseok would be perfect because the crowds would be gone. And maybe that's how it was in the past, but I am telling you- Don't go to Everland on Chuseok! The discount ticket deal goes on for about a week, so I would recommend going on another day.

{map of the park}

Regardless of the crowds, Matt and I tried to make the most out of our day trip to Everland. 

{On Columbus- our first ride.}

{Korea's equivalent to It's a Small World}

{The Wooden Roller Coaster in the picture is the T-Express. It is the world's steepest wooden roller coaster in the world! Matt really loves roller coasters, so we got some fast passes to ride the T-Express. I don't like roller coasters because they make me really sick and I don't like being scared, but my husband loves them and I wanted to go with him. I didn't think I'd get too sick because it was just up and down. Plus, this was our first roller coaster together.}

{Before the roller coaster}

{During the coaster- I absolutely hated this ride!}

Because Halloween is near, the whole park was decked out in Halloween decor. There was also a Halloween Party Parade that I really enjoyed. I didn't understand anything that was said, but it was still fun to see the floats and all the people dancing.

{I was loving this pumpkin man}

{On the sky lift back to the main gates}

Overall, our day was pretty good. Here are a few things that really bothered me about the park:
1. The Smoking Areas- There were so many smoking areas around and most of the time they were right by the lines for the rides. There were so many people smoking my eyes were so dry and I was getting a headache from all of it.
2. The Lack of Water- There were so many snack vendors, but NONE of them sold water! It was like water was only sold at every 1 in 15 vendor stands. It was in the high 80s the whole day, and all I wanted was water. The water was really cheap, but it was hard to find!
3. The Restaurants- Because of the crowds the lines for food were crazy. Also, there weren't a lot of seating areas for you once you had food. I use food as a time to sit down and relax during my day at the parks, and there were just no seats!
4. The Line Cutters- For real, people were cutting lines like crazy. And it was driving me crazy!!!!
5. The Bus- We had to take a bus to and from Everland and it was crazy! They were packing these buses to the brim! I refused to go on a bus unless I could sit down (our ride home was over an hour). People were crazy! When it was our turn to get on the bus, I just grabbed Matt's hand and went all aggressive on the crowds around me. There was NOTHING that was going to come between me and a bus seat. :)

Matt and I will be returning to Everland, but we will be going in the Winter when hopefully the crowds are gone for real this time. There is supposed to be a Christmas Parade and the whole park will have the lights up, so I want to see it all lit up.

So what's your opinion about theme parks? Worth the crowds? 


  1. Um, I am totally amazed right now! I can't believe this place exists and I DID NOT GO TO IT! Seriously, insane and amazing, even though it was packed and you had no water :)

    1. Hahaha- I'm sorry you missed out- It really was a cool place. I can't wait to see what it looks like in the Winter.

  2. Wow, this place looks amazing!! and I agree with you, crowds can be annoying. I have found that the earlier in the day it is, the less crowded it is. Busch Gardens was almost empty when we got there at 10am but it started getting busy after lunch.

    1. Jenn- I agree with you about going early. Unfortunately, we just happened to get there around lunch time because we were not expecting the crowds at all! We noticed that by 7 a lot of people were leaving, but we were so tired by then we left as well.

  3. I can't believe they didn't have much water around! That's just crazy! Do they not drink much water?? I would be dying!! And I'm with you, I'd rather go without the crowds but looks fun otherwise!! :)

    1. Tina- Yes, the water situation was a bit crazy. We seriously walked to 15 different vendors before finding bottles of water! And you know what I didn't see many people walking around with bottles of water, so maybe they don't drink as much water.

  4. How cool!! I cannot wait to get to Korea.

    1. It really was a cool place. Korea is waiting :)

  5. I am loving those pumpkin pants too haha!


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