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Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Flashback #64

Four years ago, I was in my first weeks of my study abroad to London, England. Four years- has it really been that long.

 I feel like it was just yesterday when I met the always bubbly Brittany and her sister Ashael, two of my future roommates, and they helped me carry my suitcases up six flights of London stairs. The whole time Brittany was just chatting away, and I was just awestruck at how awesome the BYU London Centre was, and how lucky I was to be there. 

When I made it to the top of the stairs, out of breathe might I add, to what literally was called the Attic room- I could not be happier. There were only 6 beds and we had our own bathroom! Yippee! It was then that I met Jenny and Elliot, two more of my roommates. We were just missing Sarah who would be arriving in the morning. Elliot was a little less bubbly than Brittany, but a lot less scary than Jenny. Because let's be honest Jenny scared the crap out of me, and for the first week I was convinced she hated me. {Those that lived in the attic see the irony in that statement now.} When I met Sarah I thought, okay- so this is the nicest person ever... quick don't be mean! I instantly loved all these girls and wanted to be their best friends... except Jenny- I just didn't want her to kill me. :) 

{Sarah, Brittany, Ashael, Elliot, Jenny, Me} 

I wanted to talk about meeting these girls because these are friendships that have stayed with me these last four years. We were the Attic girls and we became close friends- one of the main reasons probably because by the time we climbed the 100 stairs to our room we were too lazy to go climb back down just to socialize. :) I truly believe it was because of these friendships that I had such a blast during my study abroad. 

Of course, we got annoyed with each other, of course there were fights, of course my chapstick and babushka were constantly dropping onto Sarah's bunk in the middle of the nigh, of course I thought it was strange Ashael had a Jonas Brothers poster hanging up :) ... that's what being roommates is all about. But I am so happy and so grateful that I was assigned the smallest room in the centre. I was assigned just 5 other roommates, and we became close. 

For anyone reading that is thinking about study abroad, I would so encourage it. And I bet if you ask any of these girls, they would too. I am friends with most of the girls I went to London with on Facebook and I see that all of them are still in contact with at least one person in the program. These programs build friendships that last forever. They are very similar to college relationships you build, but I would argue a bit stronger because you are thrown in a foreign country with just each other. Go study abroad. Go meet your Jenny, Elliot, Sarah, Brittany, and Ashael! You really won't regret it. 

 {At Mary Arden's Farm. Sarah "It's like Shakespeare Disneyland!"}

{This is one of my favorite pictures of us.} 

I am so happy I met these girls and that we continue our friendship to this day.
What do you say about a reunion sometime soon? {PS- Elliot, Are you aware you are the only one I haven't seen since London! What's up with that?}

I know this wasn't a typical Friday Flashback, but London has been on my mind. I know I am in Korea, and it's great, but it's no London. And for those of you interested, I will be sharing more about the good ole London days on Travel Tuesdays so get ready!

For those that have done a study abroad do you recommend it? What are your thoughts? Please share!


  1. Alex, this is unacceptable. How have you been able to see everyone but ME?! Sad! Unfortunately I don't see Korea in our near future. But maybe we should reunite in London! Anyone? 2014 London reunion?

    1. Elliot, I really don't know how that happened, but we are looking at going to grad school in California when we get back so that's not too far from Arizona. (I would be done for a reunion in London, but I don't know about 2014 since we will still be here!!!!


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