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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Our 2012 Christmas

Note: This post is lengthy, but it has a lot of pictures! 

It was awesome; it really was! 

I cannot tell you how great it was to be able to be home! 

The great thing about marrying Matt, well one of the great things, is that his family lives so close to my family. And they all get along so having combined dinners/ activities is possible. 

Christmas Eve day, Matt and I ate dinner with Joe. 

Christmas Eve my in-laws, Mom and Dad Ho, hosted a wonderful dinner. They had a standing rib roast, potatoes, grilled veggies, and other yummy food and treats. They were nice enough to invite my Abuela and Papa, Barry, and my brother Joe over for dinner. I really appreciated it because I was homesick without my mom and the little Asian babies around. 

Kevin even made British Crackers so I could pretend I was in my true home of England. (That's what the paper crowns are from.) 

After dinner we played a couple games of Apples to Apples (a theme of this whole Georgia vacation). 

Later that night, Matt and I exchanged p.j.s and watched A Christmas Story with Joe, Malia, and Caleb. 

It was a great great day. 

Christmas Morning- We had breakfast with the Hos, with help from Norman. We then opened stockings from Santa and gifts from the Ho family. (Santa got us the same flashlight!)  Then we headed over to my parents house and opened gifts with them. It was nice to see Olivia and Jud open their presents and see all their excitement. 

Christmas Day/ Evening we packed up and went over to Abuela and Papa's. We had a great dinner and a wonderful dessert table. :) This year Abuela put me in charge of the dessert table and man did I make a dessert table! (With Norman's help of course!) 

We had lots of food and lots of fun. We played Apples to Apples (of course), talked a lot, and took many pictures. 

My dessert table had
1. Reindeer Noses 2. Magic Cookie Bars 3. Berry Pie 4. Chocolate Pie 5. Apple Pie 6. Marshmallow Pops 7. Petit Fours 8. Rudolph Chocolate Cake 9. North Pole Cupcakes 10. Pumpkin Pie 

I think it turned out quite good. We even had take away boxes so people could take desserts home. 

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