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Friday, January 18, 2013

A Hand Written Sentiment

{Just some of the Thank You cards I have on store in my home. And I am loving my new mustache envelope seals.}

When I was a kid my mom always drilled into me the power of a Thank You. 

When I was younger, I was very sporadic about writing thank you notes. Even picking up the phone for a quick verbal thank you was too much for me. 

As I got into high school, I knew I needed to be better about writing, but it was hard to break this bad habit. It was not until my high school graduation that I was consistent about writing thank you notes. 

Ever since then, I have sincerely tried to write a thank you note no matter how small the gift. And I love doing it. 

I love going to Target and picking out new Thank You cards. 

I love getting new stamps. 

I love writing my personalized HAND written Thank You. 

I love sticking my address label on the envelope and sending it off. 

I love everything about it. 

And you know what-  There is nothing better than getting a Thank You card in the mail!

I really think more people should hand write their Thank You cards. I think it is becoming a lost art form. While I think a verbal Thank You or a Facebook Thank You is better than nothing- nothing beats getting a card. Thanking someone is literally taking the time to say "You know what, I appreciate it. I know you didn't have to, and I thank you." It is letting that person know you got the gift and that you love it. 

I encourage you to bust out the old stationary (or use this chance to buy some new stationary) and write a thank you note. Or an thinking of you note. Or a get well note. 

Heck just write something- Stick it in an envelope- And mail it. I guarantee it will make that person's day.

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