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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our Georgia Visit- Part II

Matt and I had such a great visit home. We did so many things that I wanted to break up our trip into parts. With parts I am able to go into more detail and not bore you to death with really lengthy posts!
You can read about our part I here and our Christmas day here.

December 26 
The day after Christmas was Beth's birthday, so Matt, Olivia, and I went to her house for dinner and games. Her mom and boyfriend, Eric surprised Beth by inviting a few of her friends from church.

Beth turned 26 this year, and I am so glad I was able to be home for Beth's birthday!

Here are some pictures from the night.

 A few years ago, Beth's Aunt made this cake for Beth's 22 or 23 birthday. I loved it so much I made it for one of Olivia's birthday parties. 
To make it you just make one 9in round cake for the bottom and a batch of cupcakes. 
6 on the bottom
4 in the middle
1 on top
Use frosting and m&ms to decorate- or anything else you think would look cute! 
 One of the gifts I gave Beth for Christmas/ Birthday was a vase I bought from Etsy. The front said 'Best Buds' and the back said BFF est. 2006
If you like this vase you can find it here. 
 Because Beth's birthday is so close to Christmas, we also exchanged Christmas gifts. Beth gave me a pashmina she bought in Paris, a Keep Calm and Carry On Sign (I know I have a couple, but this one was small enough to make it to Hawaii), and this cute owl ornament! 
 Look at that handsome man! He is holding a new video camera from his parents! 
BFF est. 2006 

(There are no pictures of Olivia because she was the camera girl. Olivia got a new camera for Christmas, and I think she did a great job taking pictures!) 

December 27
Matt and I went to Les Miserables with Abuela. Later that night, Matt and I went over to my Fahey grandparents for dinner. Dinner was great and it was good to see my Fahey family while we were in town. Grandma Fahey also gave me a bunch of corks to use for my cork art. 

What is cork art you say... Well, it this awesome world of crafting that is all about using corks. This might not seem like such a big deal to you, but since I don't drink and therefore don't have easy access to corks, it is a lot harder than you might think! Anyway, Grandma Fahey started me off with a bunch from her collection. I want corks that have come from actual bottles, not the ones you can buy from Target, so if you have any that you would like to donate to the cause please send them to me! 

(Me, my Grandma Fahey, and my Great-Grandma - Nana Ruth Earl- she is turning 94 this year!) 

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