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Monday, January 28, 2013

50 by 50

When I was home for Christmas I went through a lot of my old stuff. I was trying to clean and organize all the crap I have stored at my parent's house. 

Anyway, when I went through my stuff I found all my old journals. And it was hilarious! I had the best time reading all my journals, but there was one especially that I just died when I read. 

This was my journal from Fall of 2007- Summer of 2009. 

Be prepared for a few journal entries in the Flashback Friday series. But for now I wanted to share the 50 by 50 list I came up with in August 2009. 

I was in Florida and my cousin Jessie and I made our personal 50 by 50. At the time, I had just turned 21 and I thought it would be a great idea. Now, it has only been 3 1/2 years but it crazy to see all the weird stuff I wrote as goals. I mean some of this stuff is just bizarre! 

So here it goes, and with personal commentary! 

1. Get my masters (okay not too bad)
2. Get my PHD (doing good) 
3. Adopt at last one baby from China (some would say this is admirable) 
4. Get married in the temple 
5. Go to Africa and volunteer with an AIDS organization (again admirable)
6. Read the Harry Potter books
7. Run a half marathon (bahahahaha yeah right) 
8. Get certified in Yoga (I actually hate yoga. I think Joe and I had just went to our first yoga class and I was really into at the time.)
9. Live in New York City 
10. Serve on a charity board (?)
11. Teach Abroad 
12. Learn to sew (yeah, that ain't ever happening. After teaching this FCS class, I am done with sewing!) 
13. Get published 
14. Learn to bake cookies, pies, and cakes from scratch (ha ha ha) 
15. Sing a solo in church (What the.... I don't think I have ever seen Joe or Matt laugh as hard as when I read this sentence to them) 
16. Get certified in scuba diving (I am deathly afraid of the ocean)
17. Visit China with my family
18. Go to major church historical sties (I went to a bunch in England, does that count) 
19. Go to Washington D.C. 
20. Go to Mount Rushmore
21. Donate Christmas gifts to charity
22. Work on a campaign (?)
23. Start personal library
24. Travel to Europe...a lot (A lot? What does that mean?)
25. Travel to Asia (Doesn't China count)
26. Go to Jerusalem
27. Give up red meat for one year
28. Organize all my photos
29. Work on my genealogy for my dad's side
30. Go to New Zealand
31. Go to Australia
32. Teach at the University level
33. Go see an Opera 
34. Throw a masquerade (Why would this be a goal?) 
35. Go to an Olympic games out of the country (YEAH!)
36. Plan someones wedding (Does mine count?)
37. Learn the thriller line dance (Wow, awesome. Some would say this is just as important as adopting a child.)
38. Learn a different language
39. Learn how to drive a stick shift
40. Learn how to change a tire
41. Learn how to change the oil in a car
42. Ride in a gondola (Wouldn't I do this in Europe.. A lot?) 
43. Drive coast to coast road trip
44. Go to Egypt see the pyramids
45. Take a cooking class
46. Go to my high school reunion (?)
47. Better my piano skills
48. Go on a safari
49. Go on a cruise (I hate cruises) 
50. Learn calligraphy (Wow... what a good life skill)

What I noticed is there is A LOT of repetition- for example: On my road trip, I would probably see Mount Rushmore.

And while in Asia, I would go to China.

Also, there are a lot of things I am NOT going to do. {I.E. Sing a solo in church.}

But at least this ended up as a funny blog post! 

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