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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our Georgia Visit- Part III

Our vacation to Georgia continued with more family time and some gathering of some old friends. 

December 28
Friday- Abuela, my mom, Olivia, my cousin Aspen, and me went to Canvas By U! This is a place where you take a paint class for 2-3 hours and the instructor walks you through how to make a specific painting. 

I have wanted to do this for awhile and this was the perfect opportunity. My friend Brooks is an instructor at Canvas By U!, so we had a little girls afternoon painting. 

I think everyone's paintings turned out great. 

Later that night, I had a small get together with my family and a few friends from high school. We ate dinner and visited the night away! It was great to see everyone.
This is Aimee Jarvis, soon to be Craig. Aimee and I met Freshman year at Kell and have stayed close since. She just got engaged and is getting married this May! 

December 29
Matt and Joe went rock climbing. And Mom, the kids, and I went for a mani/ pedi and did a little shopping. 

December 30 
Sunday I had lunch with Brooks, Elise (another friend from high school), and her sister Alyssa. 
We then took family pictures at Roswell Mill (pictures to come soon). 

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