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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Do What Makes You Happy

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While searching the world of blogs today, I came across this little sign. 

It is a little strange that I found this saying and in such way that I would love it. {If you haven't noticed, I love owls.} 

Do What Makes YOU Happy. 

The last couple of weeks, I have felt a little like I haven't achieved anything. I look at Facebook or in my own family, and I think well geez I have done literally nothing with my life. 

I know that this is a bit ridiculous because I have accomplished a lot of things
{Going away to Hawaii for school, London Study Abroad, Got Married in the Temple, Graduated from College, Got a Full Time Teaching Job Right out of School... etc.}

So I know I have done things, but I feel like they just aren't enough. With people having babies, traveling around the world, or continuing their education- I feel like I am just stuck in a rut, and in some sense, stuck on an island- literally! 

But what I realized is that these things are what OTHER people are doing. While it is hard not to- I cannot judge myself in terms of what others are doing. 

There is no need for me to rush through my life just to try to catch up with others.

Matt and I want to start a family- just not right now. 

We want to travel the world, but we want to build some savings first. 

We want to continue our education, but we want to have some real world experience first. 

See, everything that other people are doing is great, but it is their lives, not ours. 

Right now I am working full time to help Matt finish up his Bachelors in Social Work. 

And that is good. 

Right now we are planning our next adventure. 

And that is enough for right now. 

At the end of the day you have to Do What Makes You Happy. 

I hope you are doing the same.

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