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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friday Flashback #34

Okay, so I hope you all remember the cute little dog in my last Friday Flashback. This dog was named Missy, and was our family dog for the first 15 years of my life. Missy was really my mom's dog; she bought her a little over a year before I was born, and she took Missy everywhere.

Anyway, on to my Friday Flashback:

When I was in middle school, my mom took Missy to get groomed at one of those dog salons. When we got to the place, my mom said 'Alex go in and see how much it will be for a shampoo.'

So I walked in and here is how the conversation went:

Me: How much would a shampoo be for my dog?

Front Desk Lady: Well,  how much does your dog weigh?

Me: Umm... I don't know I guess about 70-75 pounds.

F.D.L: 75 pounds! Whoa really?

Me: Yeah I think so, but I  have never weighed her.

F.D.L: Well how big is she?

Me: About this big (me miming how big this dog is- hint: my gestures weren't large.)

F.D.L: (I can see she is getting a little confused.) Can you pick her up?

Me: Yeah of course! (Getting confused at all these questions.)

F.D.L: Can I see the dog?

Me: Yeah she's in the car.

(We walk to the car together, and mom shows the F.D.L Missy.)

F.D.L: Hahahaha okay she probably weighs about 15 lbs. (And then F.D.L goes and tells my mom about the whole conversation and they both had a good laugh at my mistake.)

Me: ...... Oh

But really, how was I supposed to know?!?

Just a girl and her 70 pound dog. 
And this is a bonus Flashback for you- not only a funny story- but a great picture. Oh the middle school days. (And yes, I did cut Chantal out of this picture, but I think she would have killed me if I posted the picture with her in it!) 

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