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Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Just Realized- I'm A Pusher- Well Crap

Over the years, I have come across many types of pushers.

{Definition of Pushers- A person or persons that push some activity or thing on another person or persons.}

I have met food pushers, clothing pushers, store pushers, and advice pushers.

And most of the time I am okay with it. I just nod my head, or take some food home with me, or in many cases I just ignore the person.

But I have just realized that I am my own brand of pusher.

I am a blog pusher.

Now, it is one thing to push my own blog.
{Note: You should all be following my blog. Go ahead click follow on the right hand side of the page.}

But I push other people's blogs as well. When I find this amazing blog I want others to appreciate it as well as I do.

I want people to read it and love it and then talk to me about it.

And that really never happens.

That especially never happens with Matt. I am always sharing new blogs and posts with him, and he never really cares THAT much. Don't get me wrong. He listens to me; he just doesn't really care all that much. Which is okay because I never really care about his comic books. Haha.

This is frustrating because I love blogging so much, and I love reading other people's blogs.

I once made a comment to Matt saying: "Man, this blogging is a time suck. I went to write one post and 3 hours later I have written 2 posts and found 3 other blogs to follow!"

In which he replied: "It's a dangerous game you are playing Mrs. Ho."

And it is a time suck, but I love it. I love getting new ideas from these strangers. I love reading funny stories from people I have never met. And I think that is okay.

I can't promise I will stop pushing blogs because it is a passion of mine, but I will be a little more open when I get 0 responses.

Because to be honest- yeah I would love to have hundreds of followers. I would love to have hundreds of comments to go through each week. That would be great. And maybe one day I can get there.

But for now, I love that I have 16 followers. I love hearing people say "oh, yeah I read your blog. You are doing good."

Right now that is enough. Right now I am just journaling my life so I can remember all the fun things Matt and I did in the early years. Or so I can see what interested me at this time period, or what made me laugh.

I am happy with my blog right now. Would I like some more followers- of course. But who wouldn't?!

Thank you for reading and thank you for putting up with my pushing. I love y'all.

{If you want to see what blogs I am pushing- check the right hand side of the blog.}


  1. Dude. You got me hooked on little miss momma! I love her blog—and yours! Flashback Fridays are my favorite

  2. Danica thanks for your comment! I am glad you read my blog!


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