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Friday, January 11, 2013

Now Announcing... Baby Bowen

On January 9, 2013, Baby Eli Bowen made his way into this world- I whole whopping 4-5 weeks early! 

I guess he was just looking forward to meeting his wonderful Mama. I have known for a while that Malia would have a baby way before me, but now that it has happened I can't believe it. I guess Matt and I have some work to do so Baby Eli has some Ho cousins to play with... (Haha just joking so don't get too excited Janice aka Mama Ho.)

Like I said, I knew Malia would have babies before me, but there are couple other things I have known for awhile as well:
1. Malia has always wanted to be a mother.      
2. Malia is going to be an AMAZING mother. 

I am so happy for her and Caleb, and more importantly, I am excited to have a new nephew to love and spoil. 

When Malia and I were younger and really good friends, we always used to talk about wanting to be sisters. However, neither of us were willing to marry the other one's brother! (Ha Ha- I see the irony, do you?) 

Anyway, two years ago we got our wish and we became sisters. I am so happy this wonderful lady is a part of my family, and that I get to play such an important role to her new baby- you know- the role of the FAVORITE AUNT! 

As the Favorite Aunt, and Malia's Favorite Sister, I wanted to share a few words and wishes for the happy family. 

For Malia, 
Congrats on making such a beautiful baby. I cannot believe you are a new momma! Now you will definitely need to start your Mommy blog. While we have not stayed in the best of contact the last year or so (mostly due to my stubbornness), you are my sister and I am so happy for you. I am so impressed with what you have accomplished. Enjoy your time with your new baby, and make sure to show pictures of Matt and I so Eli will actually like us in April. (I know what you are thinking- it's too early- but please just humor me.) I love you Malia and good luck! 

For Caleb, 
Just a short note- take care of my sister and your new baby. They are some of the most precious people in the world to Matt and I. 

For Baby Eli, 
You are a very lucky baby to have been sent to this family. For you, I have some Wishes: 

I hope you learn how great your parents are, especially your sweet sweet Mama. 
I hope your become whatever your heart desires. 
I hope you don't try to fit into the mold, when you can choose to stand out. 
I hope you aren't afraid of taking a chance and following your dreams. 
I hope you learn to speak another language. You can never go wrong doing this. 
I hope you get all you can out of life. 
I hope you laugh at all mine and your Uncle Matt's jokes. We really are some funny people. 
I hope you never forget how much you were loved from day one. You were wanted by your parents and your extended family, and don't you ever forget it. 
I hope you respect your elders, seriously, don't be rude. And while I know you think of me and your Uncle Matt as two young hipsters that are so relatable, you still have to respect us. 
I hope you always know you can come to me and your Uncle Matt whenever you need a hug, or an extra $20, or to vent about your outdated parents, or just to hang out. We are here for you, and we love you. 


Your Favorite Auntie Alex Fahey Ho 


Malia and Caleb- you did good! 

(Note: I did make the Subway art, but the wish list I found on Pinterest- my other love.) 

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