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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bits of Love

If you have read my past blog posts, or just know the story of Matt and me- you would know that when we first met I thought of him only as my goofy part Asian friend. 

He was skinny... he was awkward... and he hung out with some even stranger people. 

But when I was in London, I was starting to have some feelings towards this skinny Asian, and they were definitely more than 'just friends' feelings. 

In most relationships, there is that point where suddenly friendship is off the table and you are now an item. Which is what happened to us. 

But most relationships don't have physical proof of that turning point. 

I do. 

Yup. This. Is. It. 

When Matt skyped me this photo, I knew Matt and I would not be 'just friends' much longer. 

For awhile, I had been going back and forth on whether I really liked Matt more than a friend. And when I got this picture, I was like "crap. I do like him." 

So here it is the picture that sealed our fate... well at least mine... I still had to get Matt on board. 

{Note: Matt was trying to show me his new beard and hair cut- not his impressive (read-strange) pull up skills.} 

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