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Monday, December 31, 2012

Georgia Visit Part I

Matt and I arrived in Georgia on Wednesday, December 19th. For the first week, my mom and little Asian siblings were in Idaho so we stayed with Matt's parents. (However, these pictures do not include our time with them!) Matt was really happy to be home. He had seen his parents in April, but he has not been home to Georgia since the wedding!

Our first stop was, of course, Chick-fil-a! Yum Yum! Then it was off for a little nap because I was tired from the flight and the time change.

Jessie and Jake, my cousins from Florida, came up for a few days and it was great to see them. We tie-dyed shirts together, went shopping, ate at Canyon Burgers, experienced a blackout together, had a game night which included a rousing game of sardines, (A game where Jake and I clung to each other in the dark!), and just all around had a great time. I am so glad they were able to make the trip up. I had such a great time visiting with them.

Ever since Jessie was born we have been really close and I have always enjoyed spending time with her. And that has not changed, but the last few times I have hung out with Jake I have realized how awesome of a young man he has become.

I also was able to hang around my Stewart cousins (Coda, Aspen, Sage, and Ava). This was Matt's first time meeting Ava. During the blackout, we gathered around the table and played Apples to Apples and Taboo and Sage was awesome! I was so impressed with his vocabulary skills.

It is so strange to see all my cousins growing up without me. In my mind, all my cousins cease to age while I am away in Hawaii.

These first few days really started our trip off good!

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