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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Frame Wall- Yes, We Went There

We have lived in this studio/ dorm room for the last year and a half and we have done nothing about the blank wall in our kitchen. I think it's mostly because I am never in my kitchen or really I never really sit at the table. But over the last year and a half we have collected some art and other things that I thought we should hang because it was cluttering up our limited space.

So here is what we came up with. I must say I had the vision, and Matt was ALL the labor.

This is Matt in the preplanning stage. 

We got most of the frames at Ross and decided to spray paint them to add some color. We chose grey and yellow. I wanted to do a nice blue, but I couldn't find a shade I liked. Plus, I know I like grey and yellow together (they were our wedding colors), so it was a safe bet for our first frame wall. 

(Sorry about the bad quality picture- these are from my i-phone.) 
From the left to right: 
1. Turtles: This is a tapa print Matt and I picked up on the big island last year. The turtles represent good luck.
2. H: We picked up from Anthropology
3. Fish: This is from my dad; he picked it up in Belize
4. Families Are Forever: My mom made this for us last Christmas.
5. Large Frame: We just took out the glass and put up wires behind so we could hang up our cards and pictures. I saw this on a couple of blogs I read and I really wanted to try it.
6. Birds in a Tree: We bought this from an Etsy sight and I love it. They make many many more wonderful things. Click here if you are interested. (The picture below shows it in greater detail.)
7. Love Note: This blue paper is the note put in the bunny when he proposed. It says "See not all hollow bunnies are a rip off."
8. Ocean Scene: This is painting from a local artist that we pick up.

I think we did a pretty good job for our first frame wall. I think we would definitely change some things around the next time, but it was nice to get our first frame wall under our belts.

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