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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Two Months Two Trips

October and November were pretty great months for me. I got to take two really cool and much much needed vacations.

I wanted to share my two trips with you guys and I wanted to document them so I could remember in the future.

In October I made a surprise trip to Georgia. The only people that knew I was coming were my in-laws, Beth, and my Aunt Nickie. Everyone else was completely surprised. It was great to see my family and to be back in my home state.

While in Georgia:
1.  I surprised my Abeula during her Susan G. Komen 60 mile walk for Breast Cancer and surprised my Papa while he was driving his truck down the road... maybe not the smartest move!
2. Took a road trip with my mom and little Asian siblings, which included Jud singing along with ABBA.
3. I saw my cousin Jessie play volleyball during her senior year of high school.
3. Had a great visit with the whole Bates family. I had not seen any of my Bates family in two years!
4. Had a girls day with Nickie and Jessie. Which included pedicures, a trip to urgent care (not part of the original plan), dinner, movie, and a massage!
5. Had quality BFF time with Beth and I got to meet her love.
6. Met my newest cousin and member of the Stewart clan- Ava.
7. Ate a lot of cupcakes... my favorite were Auntie Mammies that were in Marietta Square. They won cupcake wars.
8. Watched a lot of tennis... and I mean a lot! But it was good to see Olivia play!
9. Became reunited with my sock monkey slippers
10. Had quality time with my brother Joe and met his girlfriend Mandi.
11. Spent time with Jud. Which included playing a trick on him and trying to convince him that his new home and school was a storage unit Joe and I were stopping at. And him putting a ballon under his shirt and saying he was pregnant.
12. Watched my cousin Coda play football for this high school team.
13. Ate at chick-fli-a way too much!
14. Had a family dinner at Abuela and Papa's house. It was great to have the family together, including my in-laws, and eat some good Mexican.
15. My mother-in-law attempted to give me a sewing lesson.
16. My mom attempted to give me a tennis lesson.
17. I had the best time ever! The only thing missing was Matt.

For Thanksgiving, Matt and I went to visit my dad in California. It was a short trip, but I am glad we did it. 

While in California: 
  1. We made Thanksgiving dinner. We served: *turkey, *sweet potatoes, *taro rolls, *fruit salad, *cranberries, *gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, *chocolate pie, apple pie, and pumpkin pie *Things Matt and I made, except the bread which I brought from Costco! I think for our first time taking on a whole Thanksgiving we did a great job. 
  2.  Played National Parks Monopoly- where I was kicking butt until Matt and Dad ganged up on me. I actually had all four 'activities' which is like have all the railroads! It was a pretty big deal. 
  3. Went into San Francisco - This is where Dad told me San Francisco was his Pearl Harbor because he always had to take people there just like I always have to take people to Pearl Harbor. 
  4. Ate a lot of Sprinkles Cupcakes! 
  5. Matt ate in and out for the first time. 
  6. I ate Chipotle yum yum
  7. Matt got to drive dad's Porsche 
  8. Matt tired to learn how to ride a motorcycle 
  9.  Visited UC Berkeley
  10. Had a great time in three short days! 

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