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Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Closer Look At Our Tree

I love my Christmas tree ornaments

Every year we get a few more for ourselves, and my Grandma Fahey sends me a bunch of new ones every year. My Grandma has been doing this since my very first Christmas, which has resulted in me having way too many ornaments. But I love it! 

Matt and I started buying ornaments to the different places we travel together. It started on our honeymoon when we bought a moose ornament from Vancouver. Every year I take a picture of our tree, but I never get a close up of my ornaments. 

So I wanted to take a couple close ups of some of my favorite that are on our tree. We have a bunch back home in Georgia, but we have gotten some great ones in our two Christmases here in Hawaii. 

1. Surfing Santa we bought this last year in Haleiwa to mark our first year in Hawaii. 
2. Moab- When Matt and I went to Utah last April, we went to Arches National Park and picked up this beauty in Moab. 
3. H- We got this at Target, but I love the yarn letter H. I really love anything monogramed or with the letter H. 
4. Mr. Snowman- This is a new one from my grandma this year. I really love snowmen. I actually think I am close to being able to have a little tree with just snowmen. 
5. Partridge in a Pear Tree- Last year my grandma sent me this ornament. It is a new series from Hallmark- the 12 days of Christmas. 
6. Ukulele- Matt and I got this Koa wood ornament when we did a stay-cation in September. I know we already have one that represents Hawaii, but I really wanted something from Koa wood. 
7. Christmas Balls- hehe Last year when Matt and I picked out our Christmas decorations I wanted to go away from the traditional red, gold, and green ornaments. So we got the purple, silver, red, and blue ball ornaments. But we also got ones that were different shapes and I love those!
8. Hipster Snowgirl- This is a new one from my grandma and I love her little beanie. 
9. Liquor Bottle- This is one of the ornaments Matt made last year. 
10. Penguin- Look how fat he is! As much as I love snowmen, I love penguins!
11. Peace- Super cute from Target
12. Snowman- see I love snowmen. This is another series from Hallmark. Every decade Hallmark has a new series- this decade it's snowmen. I have the 2010 and 2011 as well. 
13. Penguins Mailing a Letter to Santa- Cute cute from Hallmark and from my grandma.
14. Alaska Moose- This one is from a friend of mine, Patricia. She got this for me a year ago. I am so happy I have ornaments from both of the states not apart of the mainland. 
15. Two Turtle Doves- Part 2 in the Hallmark series. I really can't wait to have the whole collection!
16. Another of the filler ornament. 

*If you were wondering were the owls were don't you worry I do have a couple on the tree I just didn't take a picture of them! 

I really do love my ornaments and have such a great time pulling them out every year. My mom is a Christmas tree minimalist, and I don't want to go overboard but I can't wait till I have a home big enough to have more than one tree. 

What's on your Christmas tree? 

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