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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Words With Friends and Saying Goodbye

This last week Matt and I had some friends over on Tuesday and Wednesday for dinner. 

(I know Abuela- shocking we had 2 sets of friends over in one week.) 

Anyway, on Tuesday we had the Romneys over (David, Nana, and Baby Jonas). You might remember reading about them because we have been friends with them for a while. We had them over for breakfast last Christmas and David and I both graduated as history majors last December. 

This December it was time for Nana to graduate, so we wanted to have them over one last time before they left Hawaii. We had pizza and wonderful conversation. Matt and I pulled out all our stuffed animal toys we had lying around for Jonas to play with, but he was more focused on the t.v./ wii remotes and our Christmas tree. At one point Jonas ripped off one of the one shot liquor bottles from our tree and was carrying it around. It was funny in an inappropriate way. 

We are sad they are leaving, but excited for their new adventure to start. 

On Wednesday we had the Farnsworths over. We have known Kilie and Huston for a while, but never hung out with them until Kilie and I became visiting teaching companions. This was probably the best thing to happen to me this year. Kilie was the exact type of person I needed in my life. I regret not getting to know this wonderful couple sooner and taking advantage of their awesomeness. Kilie was also a Social Work major and was in the same cohort as Matt. 

Kilie and I always have great chats and I am sad to see her leave. The Farnsworths are expecting their first child in a month or so and I am so excited for them. 

Dinner was great and it was nice to visit with them one last time before they moved back to the mainland. 

While we were all extremely busy this last week, I am glad we took the time to have dinner with these wonderful couples. 

To these four- it has been great becoming your friend. 
Good luck with your new adventures and remember to stay in touch! 

Today was graduation, so Matt and I went up and made sure we shared our love one last time and gave the graduates leis. 

(Picture: top middle- The Romneys bottom- Matt and I with the Farnsworths) 

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