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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Highlights of 2012

For those of you that got our Christmas card and saw a link to our blog: WELCOME! 

I thought I would give you the highlights of 2012 so you could see what we have been up to if you are new to the blog. 

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2012 Highlights: 

*I started student teaching at Mililani Middle School teaching Hawaiian and Pacific History. 
*Matt continued working on his bachelors degree at BYU- Hawaii. 

*I started coaching beginning lacrosse. 

*I went to California to see Joe play baseball at West Valley and to visit my dad. We also took a day trip to Yosemite. 
*I met up with Matt in Utah and we had a mini family reunion for Malia's wedding to Caleb. This was fun because we got to go through a session at the Salt Lake Temple and see the sealing room of the Bountiful Temple. (If you are not a member click here.) 
*Matt and I went to Arches National Park. 
*While in Utah, I was able to have a reunion with Brittany and Ashael (friends of mine from London.)
*Matt and I had a layover in Portland and we were able to stop at Voodoo Doughnuts. 
*My best friend Beth came for a visit. 

*I ended my student teaching and became a licensed secondary teacher. 
*Celebrated my 24th birthday. 
*Started watching the 2012 Summer London Olympics

*Started my first official teaching job at Mililani Middle School teaching Hawaiian and Pacific History.
*Celebrated Matt's 25th birthday. 

*My best friend Jenny came for a visit. 

*Matt started his last semester of classes. 

*I got to surprise my family by going home for two weeks. 

*Matt and I voted in the presidential elections. 
*Spent Thanksgiving in California with my Dad. 
*Celebrated our 2nd anniversary. 

*Matt and I went to Wicked the musical.
*Matt ended his last semester of classes. Now all he has to do is his internship. 
*We are going home for Christmas. 

Thank you for reading and please stick around. I love getting comments and knowing people actually read this thing! Matt and I hope your 2012 was as great as ours, and we wish you an even greater 2013!

~Much Love the Fahey Ho Family 

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