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Friday, December 7, 2012

Strange Things Around Town

The last week or so I have seen some pretty strange things around the island and I thought I should show you:

Our local football team the Kahuku Red Raiders won the state football championships and this was one of the banners that was hanging up around town. It made me laugh so much I forced Matt to stop the car so I could take the picture. Matt was a little annoyed because he had to turn the car around and he said the sign would be up for awhile, but the next day they took it down. I am so glad I got the picture!  

Last week Matt and I were in Wal-Mart shopping for toys for my school's Toys for Tots charity drive. While shopping, Matt found this little cowboy hat, so of course he had to put it on. 

Again at Wal-Mart- we found this freakish large/ scary doll. I have decided our kids will never play with baby dolls these things are just creepy. 

Hmmmm- obesity here we come 

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