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Friday, November 9, 2012

Thankful Thoughts- Day 9

Day 9: 

I am thankful for cell phones. 

Most of the time cell phones drive me crazy... not really crazy... but I feel people are way way way too attached to their cell phone. I particularly get upset with my students because they are on their phones literally all the time. I see students at school before school starts talking on the phone... and they are like oh yeah I see you okay I am walking towards you... ARE YOU KIDDING ME... these girls were talking to each other and they can see each other- and I am thinking JUST WALK DOWN THE HILL  lazy bums... 

Oh wait- this isn't a post about pet peeves about cell phones- it's me being thankful. 

For serious- I am thankful for this technology. Where would we be without our phones? I am especially glad I have my phone when I drive to work (1. I can call my mom to keep me awake and 2. I know that I have it in case of an emergency) 

I know it's a little materialistic, but whatever.

Thanks for reading my Thankful Thoughts. 

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