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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankful Thoughts- Day 11

Day 11: 

I am thankful for our little studio in TVA. 

It is no secret that living in TVA has been a challenge for Matt and me... more so me than Matt :) (Which really, if you consider our two differing personalities, should be no surprise.) 

Anyway, we moved to Hawaii in January of 2011 and had to live in off campus married housing. We were really just lucky that we found a place that was relatively clean and really close to campus that we were okay that it was literally a bedroom with a sink and that this 'bedroom' cost $990 a month. I think we would have stayed there until we could get into TVA, but our landlord was a horrible person. 

We stayed in that room for four months and then moved to studio apartment that was bigger, closer to campus, cheaper ($900), and had great landlords. We stayed there for only two and half months because we got into TVA June of 2011. Matt and I were tempted to stay in our new studio because of how great the landlords were, but TVA is so so so much cheaper. (It's about 650 a month.) 

Anyway, we moved into to our studio apartment and have made it our true first home as a married couple. Because we knew the other places were temporary, and because they were fully furnished, we never decorated our first two places. I will admit that we have put a chunk of change on decorating the studio, but since it was a long term stay we wanted to decorate. I would not have been able to stand staring at white walls for two years! 

I am so happy that I found blogging and all the wonderful ideas that people put out there. I am so thankful Matt and I could practice our hand at decorating and find our style. Plus, when we leave the island we will sell most of the stuff we purchased so the money can go to our new home. 

I am thankful that Matt and I were able to get into TVA so quickly after we arrived to Hawaii. And even though a one bedroom would have been nice, I am glad we got the cheaper studio. 

I am thankful that Matt and I got to have our first true home as a couple and it has been great. I might get annoyed at hearing screaming kids all through the day, or neighbors being ridiculously loud throughout the evening (when I am trying to sleep), but I always try to remember how much a blessing this TVA studio is. I actually just bought this home journal from Gadanke (check this place out if you have not heard of it) and I am so excited to start journalling about our two years here. 

I am thankful for our first home. 

Here are some pics of our little place: 

(The white wall space above the table is currently getting a make over.) 

Thanks for reading my Thankful Thoughts. 

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