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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween With the Kiddos

This year I actually had to fly back to Hawaii on Halloween, but this did not stop me from doing many Halloweenish things with my Georgia family. 

First thing First: Had a blast with some pumpkins

Joe and his girlfriend Mandy carved pumpkins and I had some fun taking pictures. The kids (Jud and Olivia) carved pumpkins Tuesday before Halloween. 
 (Mandy is behind Joe holding the pumpkin) 

(Jud's pumpkins is a paw print because that is the theme of Wild Kratts.. more on that later.) 

Second: Made a Halloween costume at a really late hour: This year Jud wanted to be Chris Kratt from Wild Kratts on PBS Kids... If you have never heard of this don't be ashamed most people (including other 9 year olds) have not. But mom and me wanted to make this costume good for Jud so I went and did some research and I found a blog post dedicated to making the "Creature Vests" they wear in the show and a whole Wild Kratts birthday theme.... and a WHOLE Pintrest page dedicated to Wild Kratts DIY party wear!!!!! 

I mean they are not joking when they say you can find anything on the internet! After reading this blog and one trip to Wal-Mart, Mom and I were ready to make Jud's very unique costume! I think it turned out great! 

Here is what Jud was shooting for: (Chris Kratt is the one in the green) 

Here is what Mom and I came up with: 

Okay let me explain the  intricate parts of Jud's costume. 
1. The Creature Vest: the Kratt brothers put this on when they go on different adventures learning about animals in the wild. 

Mom and I got green felt from the store and spray on adhesive and we cut one of Jud's old shirts to make the vest. 

2. The gloves: see explanation above. 

These were just regular gloves from Wally world. 

3. Creature Power Discs (the colored circles with animal pictures): these go in the center of the paw and represent which animal they are exploring that day..

I did these on my computer. Then we laminated and stuck magnets to them. The paw print had a magnet in the middle as well so the discs would stick! 

4. Power Pouch (aka the purse Jud had around his waist): this holds the power discs!

5. Name Tag: I was afraid no one would know who Jud was.... I know crazy right... so I made an id badge that said "Hi, my name is Chris Kratt from Wild Kratts on PBS."  

(Sorry for the unclear pic... I stole from my Aunt's Facebook) 

Here are both the kids and my cousins and my Abulea on Halloween night. There is Jud in all his Chris Kratt glory. Olivia was Maria Sharapova- I also made her and ID tag that was a Player pass from the Australian open... I know genius right! 

All in all I think the costumes turned out well! Mom and I had to sew a few of the pieces of Jud's costume together but I think he made a great Chris Kratt. 

Many thanks go to the wonderful Mother over at Mom Endeavors for the wonderful blog post about all things Wild Kratts! 

I hope all of you had a wonderful Halloween! 

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