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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sewing With: Part II

Lesson 1- Threading the Needle

If you missed Part I you can go here, but because I am nice here is a recap- for my job I teach one class of FCS and right now I am teaching my kids how to sew. That's it. Oh wait... I don't know how to sew. So between my helpless students and my helpless self this should be fun!  

The first couple of days after quarter 2 started the students were finally given a needle and thread for their first lesson- Threading the needle. 

So I told my kids- we are going to thread the needle this is the first step. Everyone get their thread and cut it about a foot long... check 

Step 2: Put the thread through the eye of the needle....I said this WHILE MODELING what they should be doing...  Check (or so I thought) 

(Now I was teaching them how to double the thread so the knot goes at the bottom and you just tie the two sides together.) 

So I explained and check check 

Now just to make sure you understand what I was doing while I was explaining the info - I was wandering around check on all my students.... 

Okay so after they tied the knot I said Good Job you have threaded the needle... now we can move onto practicing stitches... 

At this point, I was thinking so far so good.... no big issues!

NOT SO FAST!  Right as I said the good job a student (usually one of my higher level students) said ...

Student: Wait what do we do with the needle?

Me: What are you talking about- we are going to start stitches with it...

Student: But when do we put the thread on (Student holds up thread-less needle)

Me: Where is your thread? What were you doing during instruction? 

Student: I was tying my knot (holds up tied thread.... NOT on a needle) 

My student had just tied the thread without putting the needle on!!!!! 

I don't know what concerns me more: 

1. That I did not see student A just tying string (which in my defense it's hard to see a tiny little needle)


2. That it took student A that long just to tie a knot.... 


3. What part of we are going to THREAD THE NEEDLE... did student A not understand? 

All I gotta say is this sewing bit is going to drive me CRAZY!!!! 

Stay tuned for Part III. I decided this is just going to be a monthly post! So check back on December 7 

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  1. dear alex - so proud of your sewing ability. FYI i made two hats for babies. Of course i made them on a loom but still pretty good for me.


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